Glow Winter Arts Festival - Ice Skating @ Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Thursday 15th August

Once again we're a bit behind on the blog, due to work having a merger and then another major project being due soon. That and I've been going out much more than I have spent time blogging. :P

How awesome are these penguins? Jas thinks they're freaky.

As part of Stonnington's Glow Arts Festival there was a ice skating rink behind Coles.

Creative use of a shipping container most like used to store everything after the event.

Tickets are $18 + some fee, for a 45min session.

The skates are included but not penguins, those are $10 hire.

Not my picture, jas managed to get into every picture.

*Holds on tightly*

March of the Penguins! I don't think they eat people unlike seals?

At the end of each 45min session there was an act while the ice was smoothed out/reset.

Ice sculptures are awesome! This one was made by hand using a chainsaw.

Did you go ice skating? I moved about 3ms in 30mins. :P

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