QV Winter Night Markets - Part 1 @ Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wednesday 19th August

This Wednesday's adventure took us to dinner with Alice and then a trip to the night markets. Which has been on my 'one day list' for 3-4yrs, because I always have Wednesday classes, marketing or ballroom.

The Winter Night Markets at Queen Victoria Markets is a series of weekly, well night markets on Wednesday Nights throughout winter from 5-10pm. Wear a coat - it will be cold.

Alice lives a few blocks away from the markets and so was our expert guide tonight. As these events are $$$ with spending of around $50 per person, we recommend you go for a savory dinner or dessert, and then come back another week for the other.

The two longest lines were for soup in a bread bowl (somewhere between $10-15 prices not listed) and fancy waffles that star from $8. I saw them and they're the same ones that Waffle On in Degraves and that record shop at Swimburne does. But if you're not familiar with food you wouldn't know that.

If you only eat at two places make soup in a bread bowl one of them.Though she said you won't finish it. What if we share? Hmm... idk if I'm comfortable sharing soup. Not with anyone including bunnikins. She may eat off my plate though I won't eat something that she was close to.

We had the soup in bread bowl, potato leek soup $12. It was very good and I was amazed didn't leak right though as I'm a slow eater. The bread bowl was very cool though a bit tough as required to be a vessel. I ate about half of the bowl.

Alice's other recommendation was the Filipino stall if you eat pork, as they often have one on a spit, though not tonight. 

At the market almost every cuisine except Mexican was there. There were ramen burgers and Indian too. Though the later wasn't popular. We have yet to try a ramen burger. Cassava's on the list for next year.

One of the most interesting looking stalls was this hot pot one. You select your ingredients and then it gets cooked in a pot, that or you steep it in the broth and it cooks that way. Pretty cool idea, double decker stall.

Drinks was awesome! Sugar cane juice no yucky pulp with a shot of coconut for $7 no ice, and no extra cost. Normally with Asians no ice costs extra as they have to give you more products and less ice/water. I love sugar cane juice more than coconut water!

For entertainment there were two stage areas, one a performance space and the other an outdoor movie screen thing. There was a video clip from the 40s that was played. And one of the places featured was where I work (in theory). It looked the same from the outside but with an additional lamp post.

The $8+ Waffles from Degraves, roving entertainers and a fire pit (no seats nearby). 

There wasn't just food and entertainment, there was shopping too, for gifts mainly.

One of the most interesting goods were puppets, the guy does customs too.
Elmo is that you? 

A Tree Made of Pallets

Coming up soon, our second visit for dessert! - Link -

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