DIY - A Book of Tickets @ Friday, September 11, 2015

How do you store/display all you theatre programs and tickets?

"I don't like clutter", stated the museum curator. I've just filled my 3rd display folder of theatre and music programs and ticket stubs. Though nowadays most places just scan your ticket instead of ripping off the end. Living in plastic pockets no one can see them, hidden from view, some start to fade, like my memories. Though ask me about any show and I can recall it. 

Side Note - Not happy about $5.50 booking fee and then another $2 if you want to physically pick up the tickets at the venue. I want tickets not papers for my books.

With so many tickets, from 2008 when I moved here till now, there's quite a collection.  We're going to put them all on display, hello clutter. Much like my memories I'd say :P. Framed perhaps, or in a scrapbook. Not sure about the programs, but I'd keep some, especially the postcard ones, though those are more ads. Love the shadow box idea, but I have too many for that idea.

Tripped and fell into the world of scrapbooking. I love scrapbooking! But it's a very expensive hobby. That might be a better idea, to make a coffee table book of the tickets. DIYing photo corners will take forever! Instead I might by them from ebay or better yet get a corner puncher (those things you put paper  in and use to punch out shapes).  

Something I like and don't is modern tech and print at home tickets. Yes it's quicker and cheaper, but then you don't get the nice tickets anymore. Even if you see a movie today your recipt is your ticket. I love the fancy old ones. 

  • Tip #1.  Don’t borrow from your child’s supplies. Why because they're not acid-free.
  • Glue - If you choose to use a glue stick, use an acid-free type and only glue the four corners of the photo and a small dab in the center.
  • Guide - Place your photo exactly where you want it and use a pencil to draw around the four corners.  Remove the photo and adhere four photo corners.  Now you can easily place your photo into the corners
  • How to Scrapbook 101 - A Guide
  • On second thoughts why not just skip the corners, keep it simple and use double sided tape?

We used the 'Make & Create Album' that's 8x8 (20cm-ish squared), in almost-Tiffany blue/green (Frankie Blue is Typo's name for it) with a white spiral binding. It's not the one with the clips that have now, but from an old series. I find sometimes with the clips after a while they stop aligning and don't close properly (think jump ring). I prefer black paper, but this one's got white.

Amadeus was the first play I saw when I moved here from San Francisco. 

Really not a fan of the art for the programs. There's a year of tickets missing. 

Fast forward to another year, I'm really not sure where the missing tickets are.
Sweeney Todd is one of my favourite musicals. Some plays are better than others.
Macbeth was on a budget and that involves DIY boot covers for faux boots.

A huge improvement on the art. We loved Midsummer's Night. 

*Click to enlarge* check out the invite to wedding great wording on telling guests to pay for their seat at the table. We saw the preview/info session for Figaro though not sure why we didn't actually see it.

One of the first food events I went to, I wasn't invited though. :P

Leo was an amazing show. Unfortunately tickets from the arts center fade over time. 

The movies on Lygon gives out these carnival ride-like tickets & our first opera. 

My second ballet, I much prefer them on screen. This was one amazing! I bought the dvd.
A gothic ballet with vampires and faeries, everything was beautiful!

At the recital center we saw two amazing shows, one was with Anne & Liz Callaway. Anne wrote and sung the theme to the nanny, while Liz does broadway and was Anastasia in the foxtel movie.

The most sexual show I've ever seen including gay Parisian nightclubs.

Some more recent shows I've seen, yes I can see two shows on one night. 

There's something missing here, more decorations. Maybe washi tape? Any suggestion?

How do you store/display all your theatre tickets and programs?

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