Time Out Magazine's Food Awards' Night @ Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Monday 17th August

Tonight was slightly more spontaneous than usual. We went to Time Out Magazine's Food Awards Night, where the winners were annouced. Being little I didn't see anything, everyone's so tall! The MC was great, he sounded just like a tv presentor with a range of voice thing - I may have had too much to drink, and so I'm forgetting words. 

There were free flowing drinks, including Vodka x Appletiser. We asked for the non-alcholic ones, and they're just as good as always. It's fizzy apple juice. There was also wine and beer. 

Hosted at Gazi, it was an industry event though the public was welcome. 

Can't see anything... everyone's so tall!

The Menu

Canapes I heard floated around, before and after the awards. They came out on trays of about 8. Arriving just on time we didn't get the best spot for lighting and pictures. At events like these you want to sit where the waiter comes out of the kitchen, ready for pictures as soon as it comes out. 

Lola had a good time though saying there were giants and we were tiny (though she's still taller than me) and it was very crowded (very true) and canapes dissapeared very fast (unless you're near the kitchen). Also people pushed her around, because she's little too. While I believe there are more advantages to being little, I want to be 175cm tall, that's 20cm more than I actually am, and have being since I was 14. The dr says I won't get any taller though. 

We ate Gazi's sigiture soft shelled crab souvlakias, dimmed lighting helps. Last time I freaked out and couldn't eat it, I mean it had 6 legs and 2 black beadly little eyes!

Dessert was chocolate ice cream with meringue, skillfully pipped, each single spike was pipped by hand! The whole team grabbed a cone and pipped bag each, with an open kitchen everyone was watching transfixed at the skill. Not a single chef went 'fts' and just dumped the cone in a bowl of meringue. Departing the kitchen in lots of 6 there were at least 60 of these. Torched merging ontop chocolate ice cream, underneath was popping candy and caramel sauce. I think I ate too slow that my cone turned stale!

There were also rice paper rolls floating around, we tried the green vegetarian one with green things and cheese, delicious! Lola regrets not sitting closer to the kitchen as there was a lot more dessert than savory. The cones were regular size, though I do prefer mini size, as it means you can try more things!

On the way out there was a table of freebies, chocolates, cans of drink, sugar free chocolate and that orange powder hydrating drink. It felt like orentiation! But without the pens. Lola is thrifty and an expert at collecting freebies, and unlike me she actually uses this stuff. In this case I will eat this stuff, but in other cases like make-up/skincare samples it takes me a while to get through them all. So much that I've almost given up on blogging about beauty samples.

On service it was very good, except for when Lola got there and there was confusion about the name the tickets were under, she said the woman at the door was very rude, and Lola's an expert in buttering people up and customer service as someone who depends on tips. 

Being a Monday night the party wrapped up around 9pm and we left a bit before, going back to the office (for wifi of course :P) then home. 

To see who won click here. Have you dinned at any of the places listed?

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