Weekly Review - Under the Sea @ Monday, September 07, 2015

Monday 17th August

Monday started at 7pm with the Time Out Food Awards. Read all about it soon (next post).


Researching what to wear for a work event. Maybe I am a little obsessed with being the best dressed this time because there's a girl challenging me. 

I don't want a tiara, that's too small. That being said it's hard/expensive to find full crowns, half-crowns are much more common and cheaper. But I have no idea what to attach it to, as my head isn't made of foam.

This is in my top 3, the second most $$$ at $60. And then there's the cheaper $20 version I never shop a headpiece for a certain dress because then it's just for that one outfit, though I do like blue and so there's this $22 one. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if they weren't half crowns. 

As I have no idea how to wear it a bit of research is in order, did you know there's lots of different types of tiaras? Some say it's too much like prom, but my prom sucked. None of my friends were there. 

To go with it I'll wear a dress from AH I bought but never wore (due to the shoulders being too long), with fishnets and heels. As it'll be cold we'll add lace sleeves (like that's going to be any warmer XD) or a wrap.


Round 2 at the Night Markets, post coming up soon. 

Dessert at dex2rose with the writer. The writer is a cool talkative guy I met at an event. He asked me join him for coffee, counter offer,  ice cream. Rum and raisin. Yum. A classic. 


A dinner meeting and then human bowling.  

Strike bowling (a bar x bowling place complete with sticky floors). Human bowling, I'm good just watched, while Lola wanted to participate. The guy who won wore a helmet for one go, for the purpose of attaching a gopro on it... other than that no mouthguard or anything, but there were safety glasses. Sponsored by RedBull x Vodka.


Musical night! Les Mis at the other campus. We missed shop of horrors last week, as they're not promoted on fb anymore. Les Misérables was good. I like it but don't love it. My favourite character was Madame T. Costumes reused, one girl had a R&J dress.

Post-show dinner at Father's Office. 11pm, the best time to have dinner as that's when they have 50% off. I love the salmon and cherry tart (not related to each other). 

Do you know why we have uniforms at work? It's so that we're all relatively equal and this "Albert Einstein... reportedly had only one suit of clothes. As he felt that having to worry about what to wear distracted him from more important work". Instead of actually doing my work I'm going to spend all my time out-dressing someone else.  


A comedy show the 'Glow Comedy Club' featuring Michael Chamberlin and Cal Wilson, hosted by Justin Hamilton. It was a very good show, definitely recommended! This was apart of Stonnington's Glow Arts Festival.

Got home and soon the emptiness took over. Most days we struggle with this and so we're doing cbt. 

Watched 'The Wind Rises', the end's a bit confusing. I think the main guy lives on, while random extras die. An earthquake, great fire and ending with the defeat in WW2, and not a single body was seen. The protagonist was an engineer who designed planes, and none survived as they were all lost in war. The sets were beautiful and costumes were a mix of traditional including wooden shoes and suits. No one seems afraid of anything, they all walked calmly away from the earthquake and fire. 

"San Francisco could be hit by a tsunami on three sides. From Ocean Beach, from Crissy Field and the Marina District, even the Financial District could be flooded." Things that don't make me feel safe. I'm not a fan of the sea and am actually kinda terrified of it. Studio Ghibi loves it though, like in Ponya. Yes it is magical - from a very safe distance.

Do you  love the sea, or are you afraid?

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