Hakata Gensuke Ramen @ Saturday, September 05, 2015

Saturday 15th August

Hakata Gensuke won the 'Best Bang for Buck Award!' aka cheap eat award from Time Out Food Awards. Not vegetarian friendly. Pork based soups. This is why I almost always look up the menu before we go places, this is a rare time that I didn't.

The Menu - I lined up an hour for this (everything was pork based)?! Fortunately the staff were great, yes you can order dry noodles, but we're telling you it ain't great. There was a tray with sauces to play with, mix and blend. Couldn't get the egg because it's cooked in the pork brooth.

Pork Gyoza

Chicken Karrage $5 
I had two servings of chicken karaage, delicious!

Lighting change...

My acquaintance had the signature, though she says they're all equally as good. 

I had noodles, fungus and seaweed paper. Don't get the paper unless you're getting the soup.

No soup, but lots of sauce. 

I took a look around, yep I'm the only person who's using a fork, I'm also the only white person here, but no one looked at me funny or anything.

In celebration of their first birthday everything was 50% off including drinks. They don't offer takeaway though, not just tonight but always. Service was great much like the karaage chicken. Don't forget to ask for kewpie mayo and a fork.

All diners also did a lucky dip, 3 prizes and everyone wins. I got bronze, a badge that will get you 5 free gyoza (pork) every time you buy ramen here, from now till 15th feb next year. The silver prize gets you a free soft drink each time, and gold gets you pork. With silver they refill the bottle they give you. All prizes require a purchase.

Have you been to Hakata? I think the ramen trend isn't as strong as it was a few month ago.

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