Mussel Monday at Acland St Cantina @ Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Monday 21st September

Mussel Monday! I have fond memories eating mussels back home as a child with an uncle. While I love mussels to me they're an 'event food' thing as mother is vegan and believes 'meat is murder', and if you have to eat meat eat larger animals, that way you sin less. She also believes drinking leads to sin. Mother was not invited tonight, or on any other night. 

To boost traffic on Mondays, Acland St Cantina has a Mussel Monday special, $20 for bottomless pots (bowls?) of well, mussels. 

Mocktails aka Fruit Juice $8

We've been here before, in April for their 5 canape sized tacos for $20 taco offer. Expensive and small was our summary from our last visit. Read all about it here

The Setting

The mussels were very good served with parsley and a spicy sauce which Lola said was just right while I found it a bit hot. Nothing a $8 glass of fruit juice couldn't wash down. They only have one flavor by the way - mussels, not the juice.

Lola coming from an island said they were small and she'd seen ones that filled up the whole shell! I think I've seen them almost that big at very fancy restaurants. We both had two rounds each (a big dish) and then got two more to share for round three. Eight bowls between the three of us for $60.

We made the mistake of ordering sparkling water and spent $15 on water. Because I know places that have water taps with sparkling water and they're free hence I didn't think it was $. Funny thing is I actually hate sparkling water, tastes like medicine to me.

Service was good (jas tipped) and so was the lighting - I got the best spot in the restaurant by the kitchen. Because the theme was ambiance with low lighting, which the camera doesn't like. And yes I would bring my camera and take pictures on a date.

Do you love mussels? Know any good weeknight deals?

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