Two Dinners & A Movie & Six Shows @ Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday 21st September

Dinner was a celebration with Mussel Monday! It was a bit hot but delicious, so delicious we consumed 8 big bowls between the 3 of us. We'll be back! Oh and it was $20 per person for bottomless pots of mussels, but there's only one flavour.


Tuesday started with a movie. It was good but nothing amazing and kinda pointless really. Will's a comic book artist, his wife cheats on him and then leaves him while keeping the house. Watch him struggle to move on.

Ice cream at Brunteni's was average though interesting. Slightly cheaper than most places though not anywhere as good as Helados, a few blocks away. Brunteni's has an entire menu/cabinet of all things nutella!


Table for one. Sitting on my own I'm slightly jealous of the group besides me, a trio, laughing at each others stories. I order three desserts. Green tea pannacotta, baked cheesecake and flan.

Everything was good though the flan was average. The baked cheesecake a tiny bit more dense than before. $12.20 was the total. Service was very good as always at Shyun, even on the edge of closing time.

Dinner at Mrs Kim's Korean BBQ.

I have a stack of tshirts from my years of events, which I never wear. Note that if you have words on your shirt people will look rather than glance - not starring at your rack (or lack of one for me) just reading. Jas commented that it made me look younger than my usual collection of suits (though I no longer wear white shirts), though he took a look under the table and said we still got the power skirt on :P


My first visit to the Malthouse Theatre to see 'They Saw a Thylacine' a story about a thylacine tracker and zoo keeper’s daughter. They both interact with the animal though not each other, two stories with a common element. Jas said it was more like an audio reading than play. I'm very impressed with the blonde girl's pervey man's face/voice. XD As together they portrayed all the characters, not just two girls. 

Back at the office for dinner, it's two blocks away but takes 45mins to deliver. Punjabi Butter Chicken - yum! And Paneer Tikka Butter Masala - too hot and watery! Also it was green... No pictures because we ate from take away containers. We have a kitchen at the office but no plates or anything. People keep stealing things. 


An afternoon and evening spent at the Royal Melbourne Show. Day 1.


"Nine sixty five" said the tech guy. Eek that's a bit much. What if I drop it? As a wedding specialist "Nine sixty five" to me means your quote is nine thousand sixty five hundred ($9,650). Because weddings cost a lot. And that sounds like the quote for your venue which includes a $150 food/drink package per person. That's your average wedding. Of course you can blow 9.65k on flowers, but know that they'll dead within two weeks. But that would look amazing...

It feels like a Sunday, as I went to the wrong venue for a concert... 

I didn't grow up watching Disney. Nor do we love the lion king. But I heard it's Hamlet except the evil uncle rules alone instead of marrying the mother. But I did read some of the books. And still have my Cinderella book. :)

Our second Disney event of the year, after Disney on Ice, which was amazing! This time it's a concert. Where we didn't get to choose our seats... but it was still very good. Would have been better if we actually saw the orchestra though!

Dinner, rather dinner entree at Trunk Diner. Where a wedding was happening, the reception. I died a little. Pancakes, fluffy and almost as good as the Pancake Parlour with very good service, in a fun space, a box with an open lit. A picnic but with tables under the trees. 

On my days or rather nights off I like to make the most of it, which means three shows a night! I do need them to be very close to each other physically/location wise though.

Stephen K Amos was the first act of the night. He is funny! I've never actually seen him in person before. But he was hilarious! No one around me knows who he is unless give a description though.

A Touch of Grace: Shadow Warrior is a very cool one-woman (Demi Sorono) show told through hip-hop, physical theatre and song. Demi Sorono was in  So You Think You Can Dance Australia (2008), and came 4th which is amazing! Her style is Bboyin (a cross between Break Dancing & Hip-hop).

The third show was 'A Little Less Conversation 3' a hilarious dance comedy where the stomach and a too tight shirt is more offensive then the pelvic thrust. With two backup dancers Dave dances his ways from the 80s to present day, while being a commentator on modern dance and strange and funny lyrics. XD 


A great afternoon with the two things I love most (no one of them isn't showbags :P): food and classical music.

Andy goes to Monash and tells me they often have food trucks and events O.O really?! Because we don't have that, or any music/ballroom clubs. We got your religious groups, your academic groups and you drama club which doubles up as the LGBT club.

Today's food truck was 'The Little Mushroom Co.' I'm not really a burger person but I really liked this one. Once again we had the Greek, it contained two mushrooms, cheese, rocket, sauce and was delicious! Also also glad I always have wet wipes because the sauce was everywhere, but it was very good! I'd recommend it and get it again. They're always a hit at markets, which means very very long lines! 

Beethoven's 9. I remember the first time I heard it. It was a Saturday afternoon. I cancelled study group at church to stay home and watch tv - something rare as we were very into church life back then (back home). We were watching 'Barbie as Rapunzel' for the first time, and I loved it, and still do. The music, her dress, hair, the magic of it all. And so the music always takes me back there. It was how I first heard classical music - yes in the Barbie Movies, back when she was your classic fairytale princess. I'm not into pop star princess Barbie who wants to start her own band, live at the big brother dream house and have ken/bieber as her gay  bff. Dvorak's New World Symphony also featured in the movie, and I have the record (as in disk for the gramophone).

How was your week? Have you tried the delicious mushroom burgers?

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