Halloween Week - Exploring Fitzroy @ Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Wednesday 28th October 

A long day with a series of bad decisions. It started with a trip to the hairdressers, then make-up session then threading. Yes in that order, in hindsight make-up goes last. Would you like to thread your cheeks and sides with that? The answer is no! Whoops, that'll be an extra $20 on top of what you actually came here for. 

N2, what do you mean you don't have the pumpkin one?! I can see a picture of a pumpkin! On the other hand I did find out where Short Stop Donuts live. :)

Spent 35mins going to the other location then 15mins waiting to order. Was it worth an hour of my life? No, it was also $9 and a long wait. 

So now we're in an unfamiliar town. Looking up my list of things to eat this week Smith Deli is close by. How close? I got lost and the cops pointed me in the right direction. 

Unless your name is "Eat Vegan" please don't have that as your signage - unless it's a subtitle or something. I walked past it but couldn't find it as that wasn't what I was looking for!!

Inside it was hot and humid. Outside it was 27. Smith Deli sells lunch and desserts. This week cakes and cookies, tarts too. $7 brain cupcakes are a rip off. $10 grave cakes look pretty cool, but I'm not fond of chocolate cake, especially if it's that's big. There was skeleton gingerbread by Fred too at $5 a cookie. This place is expensive! I was hoping everything was very small and came as a pack so I'd get everything. We were wrong, but left with a delicious pumpkin tart at $8. 

Pumpkin Tart $8

This was small but intense and oily (the base, well pie crust was butter + crushed savory cookies). To be shared between two, jokes. XD Jas got a couple bites only as I wasn't intending to share but it was too much on my own. 

It was awesome! I'd get it again at $8, but this time ask for it to be cut into halves to share.

Here are all the treats the deli offered, prices start from $8. Yes that is the Fred cookie cutter. The grave tomb cake is quite big and $10-12. 

So we're still in a strange town and there isn't enough time to go back to the office and come back in time for dinner. Dinner was on the other side of the massive block, the next suburb over. So we chilled out at the library till dinner.

On the main street there was a toy shop with beautiful costumes and larger than life Miffy lights! Both cost in the hundreds. I love anything bunny themed and sparkly!

Other Halloween offers around town from Trunk Diner, N2, Alice Nivens and LuxBite.

Krispy Kreme - BOGOF. We were disappointed they only looked like Halloween but the flavours were the same old, rather than pumpkin spice and other limited ed. flavours. 

Over at Dextrose you could pick a trick or treat card with purchase, and the one I picked was treat! We got a free drink.

Overall Halloween week was a week of indulging in all things pumpkin themed. :P I do love Halloween, though here it's just an excuse to drink. Looking forwards to going trick a treating again!

What did you do for Halloween?

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