Italian x Wine Pairing @ Vapiano @ Monday, December 07, 2015

Monday 26th October

The post where Charlie posts a whole lot of stuff she doesn't understand. :P

A four course Italian x Wine Pairing event started our Monday, at Vapiano. I did invite morman but he was busy with a meeting (legit). Lola who's a wine loving adult joined us tonight. As a white cloth restaurant hostess she knows wine. 

We started with an antipasto platter with a selection of meats (prosciutto & salami), grated Parmesan, buffalo mozzarella, mixed olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and bruschetta.

Accompanying the platter was a tumbler of Sauvignon Blanc Two Valleys Marlborough 2014. Passionfruit, melons, nettles and fresh herbs. 

Smells Citrus to me. 

Lola says "Shorter legs compared to the later ones we sampled. Sat for a while in the barrel. Don't pair with marinated food. Seafood good pairing. Parmajarna."

The day after this event, salami was announced as something that causes cancer. Along with sausages (NOOO!!) and bacon, along with processed meats. 

Carbonara $20*
An Italian classic with Aussie bacon, onions, egg, cream sauce + Parmesan

Carbonara was next on the menu with campanelle pasta, ribbons rolled onto cylinders. Because the bacon was in the sauce I got the vegetarian version which was drizzled with oil and some herbs. It wasn't dry but it was plain. 

I wasn't the only one who didn't eat pork (there were vegetarians there too) and so I felt that it was badly catered for vegetarians. Should have offered them different dishes. 

Served with the Carbonara was Pianot Gris 2015, Petaluma WL. Lola says "Longer legs than 1st fermentation more unique way.  1st stronger zip hence shorter legs - no longer. Subtle aftertaste. No tanion aka burn." Actually it did burn.

Pesto Basilico
Freshly made basil pesto with roasted pine nuts

Another simple pasta dish followed, a simple tomato pesto on the chewy side, pasta needs to be softer. We are having a bland night. 

Paired with Sangiovese 2014, Luccio, a meduim red/ "Hardly any legs. No tears didn't sit long. No zing. Acidity not strong. Good w fatty foods and things in strong oils. Smells very strong." - Lola

Next was another red, 2014 Eden Valley Shiraz.  I didn't like it. Smells medicinal.

It was a cold winter night outside.

 Salami $15
Aussie-sourced salami on homemade tomato sauce + mozzarella

Dried herbs & chilli if you like some add-ons.

Pesto Con Spinaci $16
Baby spinach leaves, marinated tomatoes, with creamy pesto + mozzarella

Pizza followed. Salami for lola, vegetarian for me. Thin based, chessey and average. I really like Crust, and Domino's custom range. 

2015 Moscato from Swan Hill

Moscarto is a dessert wine and tastes just like a slightly less sweet soda! I like it! I don't actually like wine, and have tried it a few times at events, it always burns. I prefer fruit juice, cold apple juice. Summer snow's pink lady is my favorite. Is wine just fruit juice for adults that costs a lot?

What a great ending look like :P

Death by Chocolate

An Italian style chocolate cake to share, if you don't share you'll die, as it's very rich. Chocolate frosting and a strawberry finished it off. I like it but it's not my style. Chocaholics would love this. My style is cream cakes with a very light soft and fluffy sponge with strawberries.

In the background a song that featured in the toucan movie Rio plays, the scene where they pan over the city with a statue of Jesus arms out no cross, it's green and reminds me almost of liberty, though no where as big.

I only liked the last wine. The guy serving the wine was very friendly and descriptive. :)

A carb load night out, two days after a ramen party, good thing we had a salad for lunch! I'm slightly disappointed that they didn't have seafood spaghetti or risotto tonight. I've tried a few dishes and the mushroom risotto while pricey at $22 is delicious! And the best thing I've had there, pasta for me is good though I prefer to pick my own sauce and toppings, and I don't like the pizza.

What's your favorite wine? Do you remember the first time you had it?

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