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Last Christmas we said goodbye to Downton Abbey after six seasons, everyone (who survived the 6 seasons) got their happy ending as expected. Though it's not as annoyingly perfect and predictable at Glee's ending. If you only watched the first season then skipped to the end this is what you missed: 

Mary - Marries the distance cousin, Matthew. He survives war, and magically recovers from being stuck in a wheelchair. But then they have a son and he dies in a car crash. We only needed him for Mary to have a boy. :P Mary goes on to date a few guys, two fight over her, she chose neither and goes on to marry Henry Talbot, a guy who loves cars. After a friend dies, he gives up racing to open up a garage with Branson.

Edith - The most unfortunate character along with Thomas. She almost marries her fathers' friend, an old man, but he runs off in time. She meets the one (bottom right), but he gets killed off, leaving her a daughter made out of wedlock so there's a big secret to cover it all. The one, Gregson leaves her everything in his will including his newspaper, including his newspaper business and house. And so Edith moves up to London. She meets a guy, Herbert Palham, and finally gets her happy ending in the finale episode. As Palham's gay cousin dies, he inherits his fortune as well as title, so Edit outranks Mary, as a marquess.   

Sybil - Had a baby and dies in childbirth. Tom names their daughter Sybil. They move to America to a bit, he gets fat and they come back for the final season.

Rose - The cousin has a fairytale relationship. While helping the displaced Russians due to the revolution she meets Atticus. An obstical appears in the form of her disapproving mother who no one likes, but they get over it, got married and had a baby.

Cora - Replaces granny on the board of directors for the hospital. Giving her purpose. Along the way she doesn't get much plot, though Robert cheats on her with a maid and she almost dies to punish him, but she doesn't. She also got pregs with a boy but slipped on strategically place soap by the first Baxter, who just leaves the show.

Robert - Losses or rather gives control of the estate to Mary & Branson to continue running it, make money and keeping to wel funded. Sadly his dog dies (the writers had to delete her, because her name was Isis), but granny gets him a new one that's also a golden lab.

Cousin Isobel - Matthews' mom. Has a love interest, though his son is in the way. With the help of granny aka cousin Violet, they stand up to his mean kids and whisk him off to ultimately be married.


Bates & Anna - Got married and had a boy. Along the way they were both accused of murder and imprisoned. While she didn't kill Green, we're not sure if he Bates killed his wife, because he's sneaky, but it's too easy for him to get caught. So I'm going to say he didn't do it.

Mr Carson & Mrs Hughes - I always thought they were like brother and sister but nope, they got married too. Carson gets the shakes and semi-retires.

Tom Branson - Married the bosses' girl. She dies, leaving him with a daughter which he names Sybil. Together with Mary's second husband the boys open a car repair shop. But first he takes a break from a season, moving to America and naturally overindulging in food.

Thomas - Starting off as a bit of a antagonist he redeems himself, and while is a bit unpopular with the others, he goes through a lot, as someone who's gay during the start of the 20th century. He always wants to leave Downton though never does, other than briefy during the final episode. Only to return for Edith's wedding and be offered Carson's job as butler! Thomas finally gets his happy ending, and we're so happy for him.

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George & Thomas seem to have a similar relationship as Mary & Carson, where he watched her grow up and she was always his favourite and he looked out for her.

Mr Molesley - A unfortunately fellow who never gets a love interest, though with the sudden departure of O'Brien (Thomas's occasion partner in crime or frienemy) comes a soft spoken kind Baxtex, bought in by Thomas as his spy initially, he had something on her. Molesley encourages Baxtex to have courage and escape Thomas's clutch, and they become BFFs. 

Molesley never had the chance to have an education, but a turn of events and he is offered a job at the local school in the village. A lot of characters are leaving downstairs Downton due to downsizing, oh and budget cuts.

Daisy - While she does take up studying in the final season encouraged by Mr Molesley, she ends up going to the farm to help Mr Mason (her father in law). Jimmy's replacement who can't read is a potential love interest. But other than being special (not in a wrong way) to Mr Mason she's had a hard life, as being 1 of 7 Victorian children.

Daisy's actually time traveled back to a medieval era to be a peasant, and seemingly incompetent ladies queen's maid. She's dating the cook. Lord Gratham is also in that land, as a pirate.

Mrs Pattmore - Bought a cottage and runs a bed and breakfast part time with the help of her niece.

Downton Abbey in Numbers was an interesting post, given the opp I'd totally work in film! Not as an actress or anything, but more like behind the scenes.

Did you watch Downton Abbey? Which plotline is your favorite?

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