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Tuesday 29th December

You don't have to be a great guy like Ned, you just need to leave me alone.

My neighbor is driving me crazy! Today she wants my laptop as no one knows the pw for the communal computer and she doesn't want to go to the library around the corner. Doesn't want to get a free office account to use it online either. She just wants my laptop, which is a "mac" which not being a pc doesn't have word but she still wants it.

She also wants  $2, small amount so ok just this once. But no later she asks for more. Waiting outside my door knocking non stop for a good 10mins. I ignore her. She tries again later. Then when I go to the bathroom in the "middle" of the night  (5am for me) she's there waiting for me. Slowly driving me mad! Currently hating the sound of my name. Sounds so pathetic in her voice.

This week's adventure was a trip to Oriental Teahouse on Chapel St, for their all-you-can-eat yum cha at $30pp. Months after being to their Chadstone location, for a comparison review.


We finally watched 'Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)'. Everyone's dead except 'Tootie' Smith who's 78, and was mainly a child star. Well that's depressing... but the story's lovely much like the amazing set and fun costumes, particularly the hats! The Halloween story is a bit wtf though...

TomLorenzo are hilarious! You simply must read all their captions!

I love this analytical post about the costumes in Cinderella (2015), we did something similar when studying film. Loved all the Cinderella's except the Into the Woods version. Ella was the one with the best dress, set in 1800s (blue dress), Hillary Duff (Lizzie McGuire) as Sam was the modern princess who went to prom, and Drew Barrymore (1998) set in Renaissance-era France is a classic..  


Can't believe its been a week since my birthday! Still collecting freebies, one or two to go. Some places I only had a week to get there, others give you a month to claim it.

Kit Kat Studio - Flavour of the Week: Passionfruit, Mango, Kiwi & Pavlova. Tastes peppery...

Kikki K - New year, new diary. The study one's new and I like it, though each month is a different colour, weekly views, and I'm not sure if I can deal with pink/yellow for 4week... hence considering getting the usual, which is cream and $10 more, with less colours.

Lunch at Oporto, their cheeseburger meal is $8.50, but $5 for the burgerr/chips between 11am-3pm. The chicken had a lime sauce that reminded me of Nandos. Chip serving was the smallest I've ever had...

Off to a dating event. Grandpa's being a creep. And there was more than one. Failed to talk to everyone. If you don't believe in google you're too old to be around.

Filofax is something new I'm working one, it's a folder of checklists that will live on my desk. Creating custom ones to suit me, though Officeworks says it'll be printed onto A4 and trimmed down. Issues: getting 2 on 1 page and getting the boarder to show when printing.

Ice Cream -Hokey Pokey. At $5 a scoop, it's expensive going out! Imagine if you had 3 kids... how do people afford them?

Glitter ugg boots! Can I get them? Are you a. American b. Asian? Yes and no. Are you a tourist? No. Then you can't get them. How would you even clean them?

Dinner from Shizuku Ramen & Craft Beer

On a Saturday night on menulog there are 6 places that delivery to the boarding house. And 4 of those are pizza places. Strangely S H II Z U K U, a Japanese bar located in Abbotsford is happy to deliver till midnight 7 days a week, to everywhere it seems, even Melb Uni and the Trade Centre! Though the last places is easy to find with parking out front. Delivery for us was $7. Very good considering we're on the other side of the river!

I love my bentos! Sadly there were no bentos, so I settled for a don (rice dish) and karrage chicken. I love white rice! Sadly that's no on my diet plan.

Ken's Fried Chicken $15
Deep fried free range chicken strips, ponzu vinaigrette, 
shichimi seven spice pepper, sweet chilli dip

Teriyaki Chicken Donburi $15
Free range chicken, jammy marmalade and teriyaki reduction, egg, salad

Looking at pictures we have been here before! During the year of ramen! Those spring rolls and deep fried chicken was delicious! Hope they haven't changed! - Pre-dinner expectations set.

est delivery 00.03 actual 11.40. The fried chicken was chicken katsu, needs mayo. Damn should have asked for some. Half was good, but the second half was chewy! The teryaki chicken was very average, nothing special.

That was surprisingly disappointing, as we've been there and everything was very good...

Galavant is back! And we can't wait! Here's a costume analysis with the summary being it's a "range all over the general medieval / renaissance period, vaguely 12th to 16th century".

How did you end 2015 and start the new year? 

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