Greek - Vietnamese - Italian @ Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tuesday 2nd Feb

Dinner for Two at Florina's Greek Tavern - Entrees


Did you know if you delete something from a usb or phone connected to a computer, it's gone gone? It doesn't go into the recycle bin, but instead the vortex where things go when you empty the recycle bin. There are programs to retrieve gone gone things, but we didn't need the picture that much.

The last week of the KitKat Studio featured three Chinese new year themed flavours:
- almond cookie
- red bean & coconut
- taro & black sesame
The first two were average, though the almond had a thicker coat than usual. The taro was amazing and another favourite of mine! If I have the chance I'll get another one of those.

Event Night. This week's event is a hands-on masterclass with Ba'get, fresh Vietnamese street food. We love Vietnamese food! With all the textures, herbs and freshness of it all. According to the front of house manager I've been here three days in a row! Which isn't true, I was here last week, yesterday and again today. :P

At 9pm it was still early, and the workshop had concluded and so we went for a walk and bought enough ice cream to last months... including Sara Lee's Vanilla, Raspberry & Rosewater. It said limited edition and I couldn't see more than one in the freezer. Oh wow that's disturbing, the no.1 ingredient in this tub, as in contains most of is sugar!

Tip - Always buy ice cream on sale, Sara Lee and Connoisseur are our favourites. Yes we can afford $10 a litre, but choose only to stock up during sales and pay $4.50-$5 a litre.

What we were actually here for was chicken, for teriyaki chicken. The guy in the deli was very friendly and gave us tips on storage and whether if it's off or not. Slimy is good, sticky slimy mean it's off.


A day online at home, editing and uploading pictures. Can't wait to get internet at the boarding house! The 11GB pre-paid plan with Boost id $40pm. 3GB for weekday use for the four weeks and 2GB each weekend, that you can't stack. 

An evening spent at the park with Eric, eating teriyaki chicken which was a bit too salty (less soy sauce next time), the first thing I've cooked at the house, in a magical saucepan that works on the stove! Most of my pots and pans don't work here. 

In the background opera played, arias by men in the full suit with tails in a 30 degree heat, outdoors. It was crowded in the main area, though we sat on the side. You don't need to see it to enjoy it. Lola says come 2hrs early, which is what families do, they bring a picnic dinner. As someone who does most things alone I'm not going to camp out. What if I need to go to the bathroom? Then I'd need to pack up and might loose my spot.

Afterwards we went to Scroll for ice cream, a 40min wait *sigh* for the banatella, banna x nutella. I've never had real banana ice cream before, and it was nice, not too sweet or strong.


A day that felt like two! Dancing, none of my regulars were there. Home to work on stuff. Event with a friend, there was $10 dinners, sugar cane juice, waffles and potato swirls. Cheaper than usual prices. There was a dragon/lion dance at 11pm, but no fireworks.

Lion/Dragon Dance

Snacks, deep fried! And something I won in a lucky dip.

The Lucky Dip Tree

I heard you can book a spot for your ashes here O.o

Did you go to any events this week? 

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