A Classic Film & Novel - Little Women @ Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Little Women is set during and after the civil war, in a small town, though I don't recall seeing a dusty main street. It's set in two parts, childhood and four years later, adulthood and happily ever afters, for all except one. Jo the protagonist is a writer, and could have achieve so much if it wasn't for her gender. Still she achieves great things and meets her literally match, the professor who's in his early 40s, but could be younger. I always pictured him as 60+ balding and large, kinda gross since she'd be in her mid-20s.

Jo in the Professor's Room

The Irish maid in the credits is said to be OUAT's granny!

Young Amy - Spiderman's Girlfriend

A popular thing for spinster aunts/women to do it seems is adopt little girls and make them into ladies who study french/latin, art, music and sewing/all that kinda stuff. Who'd later marry a rich guy, usually for financial security.

Painting a Cup...

That's a nice dress. Edwardian, it reminds me of The Paradise.

Adult Amy marries...


Jo's great aunt on her father's side was one of those. She lived in a big house alone, till she took on Beth (the youngest girl). While her nephew's family struggled in poverty, particularly during the civil war. When she died she left her house for Jo, as Beth married Laurie (Batman, and their childhood friend/neighbour), the eldest sister was married too, and Jo was the only one left. 

Laurie (Young Batman) had proposed to Jo earlier on but she said no, later he'd go onto marry her sister. Is that weird?

Batman's grandpa looks familiar but I'm not sure from where...

A Ball! There weren't many amazing gowns but this was one of the lovelier ones.

The eldest sister marries Batman's tutor John. She known as the pretty one, like Jane Bennett. They buy the house next door to the March family.

The March Sisters - Center Right is Juliet

House of March

It was a lovely story, and the mother was one of our favourite characters, she encouraged the girls to marry for happiness rather than money and imparted other wisdom on her girls, in an era where women couldn't own property (it was mentioned in the first half, but then the aunt was on her own?), vote or go to school and become lawyers.

Hello wedding inspiration!

Have you seen or read Little Women?

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