Shoe Hunting @ Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Tuesday 26th Jan

An afternoon of shopping resulted in three pairs of shoes. One's a maybe, the elastic strap is too loose. One pair of leather office shoes, and another glitter!! Non slide shoes, not suitable for dancing. I don't really believe you need different shoes for everything but I was wrong. 

Shoes I Bought

The sales assistant said you can't wear the same shoes everyday or they won't last. Have 2-3 pairs. As not a shoe person due to my wide and flat feet I have four pairs of one style, and the last of them has just died. I might buy them again as they were great, but not till they have 20% off in May.

Work was canceled but no one told me... Luckily it was just a tram stop away from the beach. Windy. I love my hair blowing in the wind.

As we came from a shopping trip in a suit, going on the sand wasn't going to happen. But when I get a car we'll always have stuff ready for a picnic, the beach, outfits and things ready for any occasion.

The windows are a great idea! I've yet to see them on any other house with this style.


Can anyone read that? Screens aren't the easiest thing to take a picture of.

A wet and busy-ish day. We bought the last batch of custom kitkats as gifts. One for the accomplice and the other for the acquaintance.

The scrapbook, was kraft brown when I bought it, but we painted it. Glitter was a bad idea.

A quick stop by Typo. Must spend 30% voucher... another scrapbook, stocking up the perfect design. They'll last for years.

Dinner on the train. Things look better when we aren't moving, and I styled it. :P

Back to the office. Picked up kitkats, I'd ordered dinner but the restaurant was closed as they were sold out. Not cool. By now it was raining hard and I was carrying three heavy bags. So I had to go up to their uphill branch. Then ate it on the way to the studio.

Tangerine Creme Brulee smells amazing! It's amazing how certain scents trigger memories, things we haven't thought about in a decade. To me it smells just like my mandarin shortbread with dark chocolate drizzle, made in home eco in middle school. I worked solo, and was the last to finish though unlike all the other girls I added the chocolate drizzle.  

The other two flavours we picked up were my favourite top 2: matcha, and rasp/rose/hibiscus, both on a white base.

Movie Night - Little Women


One of the shows we're seeing this week was "Topology and the Kransky Sisters: Tunes From The Tube." Three weird but wonderful sisters from a small country town in Queensland, where else? XD They discovered the tv, and share a bit of their story, in between tunes from tv. Mainly 80s show tunes,  nd things you'd recognize if you watched a lot of tv. Though nowadays we skip ads and just torrent! But I did recognize Judge Judy, Downtown, The Adams, Hanging Rock, the alien abduction theme, ghost busters, gundamstyle and a few other pieces. A great way to spend 90 minutes! I

They played some very different instruments including a musical saw and a 60s reed keyboard!

The make-up on the two older sisters is pretty cool, creating sharp features. If I saw them in the hallway at night I'd run fast! They remind of that guy with the lollipop red/white swirl cheeks on the tricycle!


Its been two years since I started dancing. And as not a shoe person I wear 1-2 pairs everywhere, I got my office/city shoes, and then my kick ass shoes which are great at a campground at 6am, when it's wet and muddy.

Coming from the city it was a long trip out to Ferntree Gully where there wasn't a bridge or goats who tried to cross that troll bridge, but there was a freeway. We tried several pairs, black strap, silver strap and then finally black heels. Which was the most comfortable of the lot, though still not as good as my favourite shoes. My favourites I'm waiting till they're on sale to buy as they're $220. We bought mens' shoes, and at $100 it was within budget too!

Next door there was a $1 op shop... where almost everything was $1. Mainly clothes, toys, knick knacks and book. Quick look and we bought three vases ($6+ at Target) and a figurine!... It's the wishing well cottage, like in Snow White. Magical... and the glass dome increases value. It's so pretty...

Violet L. Schwenig "Wishing Well Cottage" from the Franklin Mint Collection 

We were suppose to be in the city for work, but they had too many people and didn't need me. They said I could still come and enjoy the show, though it was raining so the evening was spent online. I love the internet and tv though really need a balance of offline and online time.

In the mail was a parcel from Offen... a travel pack of products. The only thing that was missing was a pamphlet guide to what the products as, as two products had no English on them, and we had to google it to figure out what it was. #offenstore


There was a guy who kept glancing at me at the tram stop, he looked like Beyonce but 15yrs younger. I didn't say anything as I get confused and think two people are actually the same person, and a lot of generic looking asians exist... He got off at the same stop as me and asked about the gloves then walked down the same street as me... He was in front of me but I still thought he was following me?! I walk up the path to the studio and he says he's Beyonce's nephew! But you're so tall, and an adult! When I think of nieces and nephews I think of little kids... He was actually kinda cute. :P And Beyonce did mention he lived nearby and so did his family. Still amazed he's one of 6-7 kids!

As someone who moves a lot I meet lots of people and it flows like water so no one hangs around, or they rarely do, though I've been dancing for two years which a record for me for staying in the same place and having the same people around me for that long.

Couldn't find a relevant quote so this will have to do. Do I have five people in my life? 1. Lucy Bunny. Sometimes I make sounds instead of talking, like when I'm about to be stepped on! 2. George. Nope, I'm nothing like a beagle. 3. Jas, we're always constantly late. XD 4. Lola, oh dear I think we ate all the food. :P 5. The fifth person though also first would be le beau, he's so kind, positive, encouraging and wonderful! There are two other variations: Hector, and Ian, though Ian was more like a friend rather than older guy who wouldn't say things like he can see down your top. :P  

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