Fonda on Flinders @ Monday, February 08, 2016

Friday 22nd Jan

Dinner at Fonda. 7.45pm. It was busy though the restaurant was huge! Compared to the Richmond branch. We ordered via phone so everything was ready when we got there. Totally awesome as we had a show to go to shortly, next door.

Something was said about guacamole. It was loud and so the waiter heard me say "extra guac" no. I am allergic and go into a kiinda crazy fit when I have it. Thiss includes when someone tricked me into eatting a choc avacado mousse.

Horchata - Rice water, cinnamon, vanilla, evaporated milk $6

I always get the horchata. I love it. Except with carnation in it, mamasita's version was gross! And no amount of sugar could fix it. But Fonda's I love!

Charred Corn - Chipotle aioli, queso blend, fresh lime $4.50

Corn is also a must get for us, and this one was very good, perfect. Not mushy but firm and sweet. Better than Los Amates, our last mexican adventure.

Grilled Chicken Salad - Quinoa, rocket, black beans, coriander, fresh corn, sweet potato, shaved cabbage, minted peas, pepita seeds, lemon vinaigrette $15

"And for the lady perhaps a salad?"

I'm not really a salad person but this salad sounded very filling, healthy but still yummy. And it was! But it was a bit hot for me, and they didn't have sour cream? No worries, I bought my own! Plenty of chicken, although I'd like more potato please. The serving was huge! And for me I ate half pre-show and then 1/4 after the show, and then the final 1/4 for breakfast tomorrow. It's hot, but with sour cream it's the perfect salad for $15.

I'd be back for all the three things I ordered tonight. The bill for my drink, entree and salad was $25, though if on a budget I'd just get a main.

Lots and lots of seats!

I find the menu very small and limiting at Fonda, and prices high, so perhaps it's intended more of a bar with good food in the city. But everything I ordered was delicious! And healthy too, which is always a plus.

What's your favourite thing to order at Fonda?

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