KitKat Studio Pop-Up in Melbourne @ Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tuesday 24th November

The launch of the kitkat studio bought on a line around the corner a bit after noon. Moving day meant we got there later than expected, yes you read that correctly, I moved houses the same day around the same time as attending this event. The new station we're near has no parking after 7am! Being closer to the city has it's downfalls. Like no seats on the train and not being able to sleep till end of the line.

Lola got there at 9.30 and was second in line! They open at 12pm... someone's eager! Though her order was still no.69. XD I got there a few minutes after noon.

The line extends much further than you can see. 

Step 1 - Select a base. 

Step 2 - Pick up to three ingredients. 

The ingredients were slightly different to Sydney's menu.


Step 3 - Whoops missed a screen, you get to pick a box design, cover.

The Studio

The make your design right there instores! Though it spends a few hours in the fridge. 

My Design. Milk base infused with coffee wafers, raspberries and salted caramel. 
Never white, I love white choc but not white kitkats.

Recently found these new mini snack size instores. :)

New flavours, all limited editions are displayed each week.

Anna's first creation.

Later on another one of her creations would be released.

I don't think we want to know how much we spent here over the few months, as we bought every flavour, and some more than once. The only one we gave a miss was the $88 gold one.

Along with all the special editions there were regular kitkats too.

Gift sets were available, and I was lucky enough to be gifted one!

Each week there's a different set of four in this box. 

Week 2 Gift Box

Aren't they beautiful?

Week One Menu

Flavours obtained on Day One.

One of my favourites, hoping to get a jar of that and make a cake. 

Raspberry & White Chocolate and one of the best combos!

What I bought home on the first day. They got one of my orders wrong... 

One of the least impressive flavours.

Another favourite of mine, matched with a matching matcha tea.

This one was chili!

The last set was Chinese New Year themed. 

This one smells amazing! Just like mandarin shortbread I made in middle school.

Hmm... not sure about this one. 

An extra thick coat for this one. 

Taro & Black Sesame were amazing! Regret not buying another box of these!

All 18 flavours.

Gotta catch them all!

Christmas Set

Summer Set

My top three picks, all with a white choc base. 

Luckily during the last couple weeks my first two favourites made a return.

Favourites minus one. After 11 weeks the KitKat Studio has concluded and saying goodbye to Melbourne, and potentially gone into hibernation in a storage container. For 11 weeks Lola & I visiting them for their weekly flavours, changing as you guessed, weekly. We purchased and consumed all 18 flavours and only skipped one, the $88 one coated in gold leaf (which tastes like foil). Some flavours were purchased more than once, our favourites naturally.

There were three bases, selected depending on the match with the flavours and how well it works. e.g. almond brittle & sticky salted caramel popcorn on a dark base, and matcha on a white base.

Naturally Lola's favourites were the dark ones, though why she like it dark is unknown to me. I always thought adults say they like the dark one as it's relatively higher in the good stuff, but it's bitter... Though I have seen a correlation/relationship that those who like their coffee dark, bitter and too hot for you, and dark chocolate.

Meanwhile being a sugar addict with sugar running through my veins I love white chocolate, which has 0% cacao content, making it more like condense milk and less like chocolate. But there is one brand, they're like $4 square at Coles, that actually has cacao in it, it's very different. I also like milk. But not dark, I usually save those ones for friends.

The custom boxes were a great idea for yourself or as gifts, especially for interstate friends or those who can't find anything with their name on it. I bought a few as gifts, including one for morman, though instead of putting his very common name we put 'Cookie Monster'. :P Jas wanted 'Wanker' on his, but the order was declined.

After 11 weeks I have selected my top 3, and bought 2/3 of them twice, I missed the third as it was the last week and I didn't get a chance to go to the city again. All three have a white base, and are quite sweet, have a glass of milk after this sweet.

I would have liked to have seen more flavours with pistachio, perhaps a cherry tart, butterbeer (copy righted), pumpkin pie, pecan pie, raisin & rum.

Which flavours were your favourite? Which flavours would you have liked to have seen?

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