Motorhome Majestic - Gourmet Burgers @ Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Charlie & Co. were invited to the launch. 
Tuesday 9th Feb

From the creators of Grand Trailer Park Taverna (Bourke St, CBD) and Truck Stop Deluxe (Werribee) comes Motorhome Majestic to Ascot Vale. Adding life to a suburban road that otherwise is scattered with a handful of takeaway joints and a couple restaurants. A place for friends and family, with spiked milkshakes for the adults and burgers for all!

Tonight we were delighted to be at the launch ahead of the opening later this week, to have a preview of the menu and very colourful venue.

This is the closest you'll get to dining around a caravan park without actually going to one, it also reminds me of the adventures 'The Wild Thornberrys' had traveling around in a commvee!

My signature drink when out and about are milkshakes, I've ordered them at events (with a bar/coffee machine), at the bar, on dates, everywhere. And so I was delighted to discover spiked milkshakes on the menu! It's the adult version that came with a fun surprise!   

Kinder Surprise - Nutella, Frangelico, Baileys & a Surprise!

The kinder surprise milkshake tastes just a slightly warming chocolate shake, but with a bailey aftertaste! It's not too sweet, and comes with an egg of chocolate! There's a toy you could put together inside! These are banned back home, due to being a potential hazard.

I found the cocktail size perfect, though when ordering it from the menu you'll get the full size in what looks like a jar to me.

There were a few different spaces to sit at, large tables with very comfortable caravan/coach bus seats, picnic tables outside a caravan under a canopy, in the booth inside the caravan, and in the courtyard, outside. As it was very busy outside we didn't get pictures.

In the courtyard I'd like to see fake grass, perhaps a string of hanging lights like at the food festivals and fancy campsites in summer. For winter a campfire complete with winter specials menu with s'mores, pies and hot apple cider. I absolutely love themed things, and specialize in that area for work.

Salted Caramel Milkshake - Marker's Mark Bourbon, Salted Caramel & Crispy Bacon

Featuring two crowd pleasers - salted caramel, and bacon! Boys in particular love bacon. Atop the glass lay a little piece of heaven Boston Boy described it, crispy bacon, which I glad wasn't infused in the milkshake! A lighter drink than expected. I prefer something a bit sweeter with perhaps more cream.

I quite like this shot, minions aka Boston boy is my +1, the other guy I don't know. 

Onion RingsLight, fun and crispy. Perfect on their own. I don't normally like onion rings but I really liked these ones!

ChipsWe go together like burgers and chips! Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Simple but a classic that you'll find on every corner in the city - hot chips that is, though no guarantees that it's always good. :P These were though.

Pork Ribs - BBQ pork ribs, slow cooked to perfection and basted in our own smokey BBQ sauce. Soft juicy meat with a marinade of perfectly balanced finger licking good BBQ sauce, Boston Boy loved these.

Fried ChickenI love deep fried chicken, though can't recall the last time I had it. We had some perfectly crispy wings, served warm, they were average in seasoning though if you like you could order a dipping sauce.

Mac & Cheese Arancini A gold ball of pasta and cheese, deep fried with a crust. Comfort food between your fingers, the kids would love this, big and small. Though I know some people would like to see this with ham. We loved these! It's a great way to serve mac & cheese as a canape!

Fine & Dandy - Premium Aussie grass fed patty, American cheddar, 
tomato, lettuce, mustard & special sauce on a lightly toasted bun

A soft fluffy though not oily bun with the classic filling quickly filled us, it was quite big, as I find most burgers are in my small hands. But we did just share an assortment of deep fried snacks. There was doubt that I could finish it, but I did!

Dinner ideas, date night, hanging out with the guys, every occasion - almost.

Margaritas & Daiquiris floated around before a dessert of 7 Apples Gelato in a range of flavours including kinder surprise and watermelon. We opted to share a warm donut with salted caramel & kinder ice cream. The contrasts, textures and temperature. The granules of sugar, soft warm dough, cold and smooth ice cream. No sauce required.

While Motorhome Majestic is a bit far from the CBD, it's only a couple stops away from Flemington and Showgrounds, home of the Royal Melbourne Show, many conventions/exhibitions and exams... It's the perfect treat when you're close by!

Have you been here, Grand Trailer Park Taverna or Truck Stop Deluxe?

Motorhome Majestic
236–238 Union Road, Ascot Vale
Open Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 10.30pm.

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