Four Events on A Platter @ Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tuesday 15th March

Meeting, facial, class, dinner. We had a facial in the afternoon which was very relaxing, though wedding music played in the background. In class today's focus was mainly unconditional positive regard, which was nice. Though there's always those repeat offenders... and serial killers. Psych is always a fun subject. 

For dinner we traveled out west for African food. Revisiting a restaurant we sampled on a food crawl a few years ago. Huge serving and cheap prices while still being quality food isn't too common. Our next post shall be on our visit.


I was going to do laundry but there was powder everywhere, thanks to resident bat shit crazy old woman. She also tried to "help" with my breakfast and destroyed it.

Vodafone isn't giving me network connection, a machine (not Vodafone, but another service) won't let me through to a human and keeps hanging up on me! That was IT support, 8+ calls later and I still can't log in!!!

Chadstone had their biannual VIP sales night tonight, not worth going unless there's something specific you want. For me it's a certain pair of $220 shoes, alas no stock and no they can't order it in at the sale price -20%.

We may have had a drink, though perhaps should have asked for a mocktail... as my head was soon pulsating and I felt a bit clouded, which didn't stop me from going dancing! Alcohol doesn't make you a better dance (practice does) it just makes you more chilled, which is exactly what I needed. 


The group is split and we've joined other groups. Like in middle school sport we were selected by other teams to join them. Unlike middle school I was first chosen, back then I wasn't the last one. I was never chosen. Except in archery. The new group's going well, most of the group doesn't speak too much English but they're trying hard, especially the team leader. 

The project has changed to theory rather than running charity events which is a relief. I really don't like doing sponsorship, until you get to a certain level where people want to be with you, rather than you're chasing them. It's like celebs and endorsements. You can't ask for it if you're little.

Pre-class lunch. The first time I've ever tipped in Australia, because he rode on a bicycle while carrying two cups, think coffee cups. That takes skill.

Butter Fish Bento w Yuzu Iced Tea 

Like a genius I forgot the tickets for tonight's event on my desk! So we went back to the house to pick them up and for a nap.

Chic! (2004) is a French comedy film showing at Palace Cinemas as a part of the French Film Festival, it's a French version of 'The Devil Wears Prada' though has parts set in the country-like sea side so there's that contrast between the slow relaxed country, and the quick and fast paced city. 

The beach was made of rocks which was a first, as I've rarely seen beaches like that. The port/bay is not a beach.

Our protagonist and her boss, the designer and queen, have many things in common, and like the devil wears prada, she abandons her high fashion career, but not to pursue her true passion, but a man. He's a landscaper and makes pancakes, but I don't know why they like each other. Especially as she pretty much coned him into coming into the city (Paris) by sinking his daughter's boat.


An 8am wake up call via siren. Most of the house was half asleep and no one was happy (other than the one who activated the fire alarm). It was cold and wet outside while we waited for the fire truck. As usual there was no fire. While we all waited on the veranda the mad old woman was no where to be seen. If we were in a medieval village guess who's the witch?

An evening at the Garden Show, was nice. Though we should have gone BYO food. It was winter and got dark quite quickly, and someone forgot the tripod. 


In collaborate with Vogue, Eastland hosted a series of seminars #vouguexeastland to showcase the new shopping center, located opposite Ringwood Station. We've never been to Eastland before, so this was a first, unfortunately there were bus replacements this weekend but other than that we made it! The seminars/shows were all very easy to find, unlike the exit once you get lost! 

We got lost and found god Kmart! And there was a home deco section with so much stuff... of course we only bought stuff to use here and now, and not have a storage unit of cheap deco stuff to use "one day". :P This was limited to that rare Jasper quilt set! A test tube vase (also rare) and some hair deco stuff at 50c each.

But before that we attended a seminar for aspiring fashion/lifestyle wannabe bloggers, satan kadashian-worshiping teenage girls. Where am I? I believe I am in hell.  But the info was good, I found something similar here

The other event was a autumn/fall winter fashion show, with the ever so popular Gorman and their prints. I like the super long sweater with short and knee high boots, but it's not me. Also being 5" I like to work with my proportions. 

Overall a fun day. Minus the 6hrs spent chasing Boost. 

Anyone else experiencing issues with the smaller phone companies? Did you go shopping this week? Highpoint's up next, not sure when Melb Central's event is though.

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