African Cuisine Restaurant @ Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tuesday 15th March

With my course extended this semester will be my last out west and after five years we're almost brave enough to venture away from Subway, the only place in town that features English and is familiar.

Tonight was a revisit after a sample last year as part of a African food crawl.

African Cuisine was the name, with mood music though not light. The brightest light shone from the drinks fridge, though you could sit in the communal tables behind it. 

The menu was a simple one sided A4 laminate, just mains. Picture and name, no descriptions, so we'd assume most customers are either regulars or familiar with African Cuisine. A surprise on the menu was spaghetti! Freud would order that, people often seek familiarity. Though we were here for the platters. Which after consumption did we discover it serves two.

Meat & Veggie Mix $15

This is not a plate, this is a tray.

Lined with Ethiopian injera bread (sourdough, takes a few days to ferment). Atop was an assortment of dips, veggies and in the center slow cooked lamb in a spiced tomato base sauce that packed some heat that Lola would have liked. There was purple potatoes coloured with beetroot, cabbage, lentils, dalh, a hot dip, lamb and a garden salad that was the odd one out.

It was quite filling and jas devoured the whole thing while I ate two thirds of it, because it got a bit much, portion and how sour the bread was.

A note to BYO fork, as this was designed to be enjoyed as a hands on experience, literally. I have anti bacterial wet wipes, and Lola has detol.

Dessert was baklava, 4 cubes for $3. Much like fudge and brownies you only need a little. Sweetened was honey these bite size delights would be perfect with hot chocolate with the slightly chilly weather at night as of this week.

The bill came to $33 which was a main each and small dessert, making it our cheapest meal in a very long time. Service was minimal but good.

While we were there there were a few other, though at 8pm they were wrapping up when we arrived. It was a Tuesday Night out West. Very quiet and dark with only a few people about. It's very different from the city.

Will we be back? Potentially. Too much food and too little time! But we'd recommended African Cuisine and to trying new things!

Have you experienced African food?

African Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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