Mason Dixon's Carlton Backyard Pop Up @ Sunday, March 20, 2016

Friday 11th March

This week's food adventure was a pop-up in Carlton by Mason Dixon, an American sandwich bar located in a food court on Collins St serving big and bold American flavours. Created by Garrett Huston, from who's from Boston, Massachusetts (north of the Mason Dixon Line) and grew up in Georgia (in the Deep South).

A pop-up took us out of the city, out of the free tram zone towards Melbourne Uni, but left then heading up Hyam Lane at the top of Argle Square, a garden to the right of Stop 3 Lincoln Square. A top secret pop-up, follow the colourful chalk road to a backyard party, with cool vibes, no-smokers (there were none when we were there) and pie!

The reason why we often sometimes don't have pictures of other diners in the background is because we like to eat off peak, when everyone's at work. During peak we sometimes avoid people by ordering in. Yes I am an introvert, though my job needs me to be a major bright and bubbly extrovert, who's possibly a bit high.  

With a kitchen set in a caravan converted stationery food truck and marquee in a backyard. Bright painted walls, and cool vibes this was the place to be on a warm Friday afternoon. 

A place to chill with a beer in one hand and a fork with pie in the other, actually just hold one thing at a time, I need a hand for the camera!

The Kitchen

Being in a smaller space the menu was limited though there's something for everyone who loves their freshly toasted sandwiches. There's also a larger range available at the Collins St store, scroll down for that menu.

Drinks! No Duff Beer? :P Soda, Cider or Beer?

A Pop of Color

Around the World

Veggie Reuben
Roasted marinated portbella mushrooms with sauerkraut, 
swiss cheese and tangy Russian dressing on a toasted light rye.

Dr Pepper tastes just like vanilla and cherry coke mixed together, in case you're curious.

Cubano-Miami Style

Slow roasted, free range pulled pork, Yarra Valley smoked free-range ham, 
Vlasic pickles and swiss cheese toasted on a long roll with a citrus garlic mojo. 

Boston Boy's pick, which he really enjoyed. Guys are often easily pleased. :P While I didn't try it myself the garlic and cheese along with ham sounds like a gourmet version of the classic ham and plastic cheese sandwich you'd find in lunch boxes. 

Meanwhile I had the veggie option, as I quite like mushrooms. This reuben had a range of textures and flavours, the smooth soft portabella, the sour cabbage (sauerkraut), the richness of the cheese sandwiched between two slices of toasted light rye - my favourite bread. In one word it was tangy. I like it, but don't love it, as I prefer something sweet as strange as that may sound. Sauerkraut is still a strange concept to me.

Pickles welcome!

Key Lime Pie

An American Classic, made correctly it doesn't taste like a lemon tart as we are sad to say that's what Father's Office's version tastes like. Garrett makes his own pies, pumpkin which we had last week, and lime this week. And this one was perfect! The textures, smoothness, it was rich but not like a NY cheesecake, as the lime lightened it up. 

Crust, cream and condense milk are among the list of ingredients and things we love. 

Thanks for a delicious and enjoyable evening! Especially that pie... I'll be back for you.
We'll be back for more pie on a weekday for lunch in the city. 

Food Plaza, 7/480 Collins St, Melbourne
Open Weekdays. M-T - Lunch Only. W-F - Open till 8pm.

Back to the city, prompted by a scoopon is how we found Mason Dixon on Collins St, to the left of the Oaks Hotel, near Williams St, with Yuzu around the corner. 

The Menu

So many options...

Chunky Monkey!


The Mason Dixon Reuben $10.50
Grass-fed Corned beef, tangy sauerkraut, swiss cheese 
and Russian dressing on freshly baked & toasted rye bread. 

Lola had the classic reuben inspired by NY Delis, which she enjoyed, buttery toasted bread is wonderful! She wouldn't pay full price for it though, but we'd bought groupons and paid $6 each, which she was happy with.

The Mason Dixon Reuben

The Rachel $11
Free range roasted turkey breast, coleslaw, 
Russian dressing, swiss cheese on multigrain bread. 

Meanwhile I had the 'Rachel' which I'm guessing is named after Rachel from the sitecom friends? I was disappointed that there wasn't a Christmas special with cranberry jam, but this was pretty close. It was delicious, very cheesy! And in true American style there wasn't much greenery, other than a slice of a pickle. :P Add that cranberry jelly and I'll be back for more! Note - This second part of our visit happened in December. 

A surprise underneath the sandwich was revealed: pretzels and a mentos, to avoid the envious questions from your co-workers on what you had for lunch. A fresh finish to your meal which delighted Boston Boy.

Yummy sandwiches in true American style, you won't find plastic cheese or average sandwiches here. 

For dessert I had pie. I love pie! We've found that serving size tends to vary, depending on which pie you get. The lime one is larger than pumpkin, which leans on the smaller side especially for $6 a slice. I've had both and I love them both! Which would I recommend? Both, depending on your mood. 

There aren't many places in Melbourne where you can find pumpkin pie, if it's not October. 

From Wed-Fri Mason Dixon are open till 8pm and they deliver!

Hello delicious, its been a week and I'm still thinking of you.

Where do you go for your pie fix? Are you a fan of the reuben?

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