Tuesday 8th March

Job interview. No go. They're after someone under 18. She asked me where I came from if I had PR, and how old I was. Don't want to work for her. Got a $9ph trial to see how fast I go.
It's hot today. Getting the sniffles. Luckily when it hit 38 we were in class. She has yet to pay me, and doubt will, but my agent's on it!

Dinner at the office, Yuzu delivered. I do love my bentos!

Wafu (Wagyu?) Eye Fillet Beef Bento $20

with chicken tatsuta age and sashimi


A long day, starting with a trial for a job. Hoping I don't get it actually, as the boss isn't very nice, though the staff are. Yes that is the same place from yesterday, don't know why she gave me a trial. 

You know those amazing thrift finds that you hear of, but never see yourself? Today we found one! With Goodwill it's recommended you scout out the ones in rich high SES areas, like by the sea. A designer had donated a rack of samples and seconds and they were all $30! Lots of satin, beading and 20s dresses. No ballgowns, but still very nice dresses. I attempted to try on a handful though most I couldn't get my ass into it... sample size means sz8/10. But we found two sz14/16 dresses! 

Excuse the flash.

One's beaded and black with sleeves, the other sequins (jas says, but I thought sequins were shiny?) also black. For something so expensive the work is poorly done, there are sets of sequins and rows. Say 12 sets in a row, but if the thread breaks all 12 sets are effected! No that's not right, each set needs its own knot/end.

We're excited about wearing the beads to the show on Sunday, the 20s dress is on hold, as there are always Gatsby parties around, though I haven't bought a dress till now because I'm more of an 50s girl, along with Edwardian and before that. Edit - It was too warm for sleeves, so we went Gatsby.

Interestingly there was an old woman haggling over a book, $8.50 he said. She said $2, $2.50 sold! The mainstream op shops aren't cheap and sell almost at full price, and don't really have much other than books. But I can see how hilarious that scenario would have been over gumtree/fb.


Class. 5/8 people in the group aren't contributing. They expect to fail the pitch and not get funding. If we fail we're breaking up 5 asians who speak minimal English and 3 who'll do the work of 5-6. I'm claiming rights to the ideas that have been generated as they are mine and mine alone. Two of the boys are helping on the next part.

Life is currently stressful. I need to pass!! And everyone knows not to work with international asians who barely speak English. We got stuck with them by default as when we split into topics they had no ideas and didn't move.

The night was much smoother with all drama on stage or rather screen. Shakespeare on Screen. As you like it. Set in modern day, the city/town the Duke rules over is an office, exile is still a forest. The set converts into a forest with lighting changes and minimal furniture being hung from the ceiling to create trees.


Cupcakes, how were they? I'm not sure I can judge it when it's mixed with mango gelato, but we'll be back. But in terms of ideas it was too simple. We need something to connect the two ingredients.

How it'll end for me: was lured by food. Seriously that's how easy it is to trap me.

A pop up in an area I've never been to before, was the destination for dinner, and unlike with Yelp there were no long lines or trails of (ants) people to follow. 

Yummy sandwiches, mushrooms, Dr Pepper and key lime pie! All delicious and why I eat diet food when not dinning out. :P There's a post coming up next on this event.

After dinner it was off to a concert with Strauss & Tchaikovsky. 
It was beautiful as always! And there were no children around. :)


I can't stand losing things. I am organized and am considering becoming a professional organizer if events doesn't work out. 

While looking for a pot in the kitchen I found my sock. I didn't notice it missing as they ran off together. It was a Happy Sock, but do you know how I feel about finding missing things when someone else (the resident mad woman) took them? Not F**KING HAPPY!!!!!! The next hour was spent turning the house upside down, till we had security check her room. The other one was in her draw. These socks for $18 a pair and worth more than her old miserable life. I'm told that she has help with her washing and someone else buys her clothes, so it's possible that she thought it was hers. With no access to a computer or phone or society at all (she never leaves the house) she wouldn't know the value of it. 

And that is how I lost an hour of my life and didn't have time to do my homework this week. 

Some performances are what they seem and are easy to understand, others require an English teacher to translate. Blind is the later, a puppet show that's amazing but also freaky as. If I see that thing down the hallway at night I'd shoot it in the face and run!!
There were three puppets: the female witch doctor, the crazy scary evil guy, and the girl with a hat. Then there's the actor himself. After the show we were invited to touch the puppets, which is a rare experience.

Luna Park was nearby and we'd never been there before. Smaller then I thought, with the roller coaster going around the entire park. Ride tickets bought individually were  $11?!! Slightly tempted to go on the carousel before I saw ticket prices.


Do you want to build a snowman? Frozen! Sadly without George as he likes to bark along... in hindsight should have bought him anyway. People behind me were being loud and talking and singing awfully.

The evening was spent in an underground car park, an urban runway featuring autumn/fall & winter collections, from a series of brands that are unlike to cater for my size. 

A fashion show is a fashion show, not much to say. But the activities surrounding the show were the real highlights, along with that very cute guy doing the photo booth. A promo model no doubt, that suit was beautiful on him. 

Thanks to Priceline we had our hair done, thanks to work who gave us front row seats and entry to the VIP bar. There were showbags! Both from Priceline and the show. The prior doesn't actually require a ticket for entry, so even if you can't afford to see a show, you can check out the surrounding space.

Priceline Showbag

This week's events, two trips to the theatre, movies, concert and fashion show.

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