One Fine Day Wedding Expo 2016 @ Thursday, March 03, 2016

Sunday 21st Feb

Another year, another expo. Do we have a date? We did, 16th April 2016.

Bursaria caters for a range of venues, and we can vouch their desserts are good! They also do have lemonade with rosewater, that's the best lemonade we've ever had! Always a hit on hot summer days, and on picnics.

Going Gourmet Catering @ Luna Park - One Unique Location!

Strawberries & Brownies

Thanks for the cupcake, Olsen Hotel. We loved the frog cookies too!

Little Malvern Cake Company 

This cake was delicious! Are you sure it's wedding cake? Best wedding cakes we've tasted so far! We also bought a cupcake, jar of salted caramel and some brownies on the day.

Tonight's dessert, I'm not a brownie person, but this might change that.

I like that strategically placed drips feature, and that glitter vase. 

Summer fruits are always beautiful. 

Alternative wedding cake ideas. 

I remember back when macaroon towers were all the rage. 

The perfect spot for a picture! 

This year we were lucky to get VIP Tickets, the are three levels, bronze (free to celebrate One Fine Day's fifth year), silver (regular really $20) and gold ($50). Silver is regular as you get a drink, bag, map/directory and get to see the show, which everyone sees. 

There was the VIP Lounge consisting of tables, chairs and a bar. Too many people, not enough seats. There were a long wait for manicures, and a bar. As part being VIP you get four drinks. I would have liked to see a massage booth and food. Felt so drunk after a drink, I'm glad most of drunk time was spent sitting down, watching the show. After the show we got to see the dresses up close. 

Gold tickets get you a showbag, deemed to be worth $100 by marketing, but let me explain how that works. Say you get a voucher that says spend $500 and get $100 off, that is deemed as $100 of value. So what was in the showbag? Mascara, nail polish, water (imported from Spain), a cd with previews, some cotton candy and bunch of papers/vouchers. I do believe the contents varies though. We need to add snacks. 

There were two cars, one was pink. Also a couple suits/accessory stalls for the guys. 

Invites! We've chosen to do with DIY due to cost ($6+ each).

Elaborate beading details are always fascinating.

Hampers for the bridesmaids? Why? Because in theory they're going to help you on top of their daily duties to help you plan the wedding. To me that sounds like a lot to ask, other than thoughts on the dress I can and will do it all by myself.  

Stalls, everything was covered except dance classes, violin/piano/strings quartet, and things for the guys. What you need is a guy zone with beer, food, xboxes and guy stuff. 

Another round of drinks?

We got front row seats for the fashion show, though it filled up fast so we couldn't get seats on the right side, for the lighting. There were a lot of front row seats...

Nothing appealed to me, been an offbeat bride, white wasn't my thing. My dress is a blue ballgown, full on tulle ballgown in cobalt blue with rhinestones. We did enjoy watching the show though, especially the one inspired by the 30s, and that one ripped dressed.

After the show we had a chance to see the dresses up close. 

There was a mention of a workshop. What kinda workshop? No one knows. Flower crown, buttonhole? Nope nothing. All we know is that it goes for 15mins and is ran by the College of Events. Before the event we asked them what the workshop was on, on multiple platforms and email, but there was no reply. 

Do we want an ice cream cart? Yes! But as we're doing a sit down thing we don't want everyone lining up for it, though there will be ice cream served with the cake, which is dessert.

All the things in the showbag, freebies and some stuff I bought.

In our opinion VIP tix aren't worth it and you're better off going with the bronze/free tickets as you'll still get to see the show (second row seats/standing) and meet all the vendors. Paying just pretty much add drinks, and the showbag only contains a few items. By the way it's pretty easy to get free tickets to almost any wedding expo.

Have you been to any wedding expos?

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