Bites of Mexico & Japan @ Thursday, March 03, 2016

Monday 22nd Feb

Shoe troubles. You told me it would stretch, and it did but in the wrong place! Now I can't wear it and there are no fillings, gel pads or anything that could fix it. There goes $100, and I bought these shoes less than a month ago. You told me it would stretch. 

The above preoccupied us for most of the afternoon. After that we needed a drink, which I bought around the block and finish even before I got up to the office. 


Shoe troubles, another pair of despair. Mary Janes, my foot is special needs and the left leans right, right off the base of the shoe so it hurts and I can barely walk!

The night was spent sitting fortunately. Studio audience for not a live show. The host is 10cm taller than me and beautiful! Though probably had work done, he's also getting his makeup touched up during ad breaks. The show is very simple, biased and not so deep. Top 100 answer pool they use is gathered from the audience. It relies on the comedic nature of the host to keep the audience watching,  that and audience participation at home. With a 6pm slot this one's a light show to fill the void. The Simpsons is also on at 6pm.

It was an interesting experience we can tick off the list. The audience was trained when to clap and at what level and had candy thrown at them. Much like human seagulls, the family next to us were vultures. The brat stepped on me on his way out, pushing pass instead of waiting! I was half way to kicking him down the stairs but didn't. Don't know why, it was my regret of the week.


A slow day where we didn't make it to the library. Shoe troubles. We now have a pair to use just for photos... and they weren't cheap. We're rapidly losing hope. I found the one long ago but they're expensive especially considering how long they last for. The first few were fine but not the last ones.

How I feel about all those products vs the machine...

But first hair. I'm not sure why my curls don't stay in. Asked the shop if they do workshops. Girl says mines a cheap one. Get these products that'll cost you $90. If the machine needs stuff the price of a printer I wouldn't have bought it.

Shoe lady from last time was pretty upset that I returned the shoes, as she gets commission. No I didn't deduct that from her passive behavior but she actually said that. Merchant wasn't happy either with the return as they said no, and naturally I called HQ, who offered me a partial refund.


Seminar. Delicious custard croissants! Greek festival walk through. Nam Loong. No you can't use our bathroom unless you buy something. Fonda. Concert.

My first seminar that isn't for school and one that I didn't work at. The moderation movement encourages intuitive eating, making exercise fun and defying pretty as more than white, thin and tall. Of which I am only one of (those things). It's above embracing diversity, flowers are pretty, but so are Christmas lights, but not in the same way. 

Disappointed by the lack of showbags, though this is a event that's very hard to get sponsorship. It's above embracing yourself as you are, you don't need products x, y and z. There is no alliance with brands that support the runway pretty lifestyle. Though I think Dove could have been a sponsor, but then they also own some other businesses that encourage mainstream believes.

Snacking my way to the next event. 

Dinner was a bad idea. Stuck in traffic and determined to get through, with no tram routes in sight. Fonda's salad came with a dressing, unlike last time which confused me. I'd already walked a few blocks to buy sour cream which they claim they don't have - not sure if I believe that.

Tonight's event was a free mso concert. Totally sold out at 10,000. Waiting line to get in went around the park. Luckily a guy gave us vip entry tickets. In hind sight le beau has connections and could have gotten us tickets. 


A meeting, taco party and fed sq festival. 

We're planning a scavenger hunt! No I'm not participating, as I won the last two. Unless we'll be chilling at the finish line, ready for drinks and pumpkin pie. 

Yelp’s Brunswick Backyard Fiesta

After the event it was still early, and with the studio on the other side of the city there was no way we were going to make it, so we went for a snack instead. 

Back at Fed Square there was a Japanese Festival on, that ended too early at 6pm. Meanwhile at QV the Greek Festival on the second day was still on, and there were BBQs everywhere.

The good thing about coming towards the end is the end of day sales, we scored a udon salad with chicken for $5 from Salon de Sushi (what a strange name... sounds expensive) down from $8. 

Some green tea cheesecake for $1, though at this size (it's much smaller than it looks!) $3 is crazy! From Disco Bean, it was yum! Dessert was a waffle, but with a red bean filling and in the shape of a fish! $4 from Zero Lam, very good though needs more filling. I do love Japanese food!

Interestingly Disco Beans is vegan friendly, Japan isn't vegetarian friendly, with lots of pork and seafood. And if you're vegan other than salad there isn't much.

I do love Japanese desserts, especially the magical pandan cakes (which jas delightfully had for the first time this year). "American style cheesecakes are very rich, heavy and decadent that a small slice feels like a meal in itself. Japanese soufflé cheesecake has the velvety texture of the former cheesecake but it’s so much lighter due to less cream cheese and the use of meringue to lighten the cake. "

$18 bentos make me sad, $15 is the usual, though we've found a $10 bento lunch spot that Boston Boy's a regular at. My next food project running alongside eating in Footscray, is hunting down Melbourne's best bentos, that are within the student budget. 

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