Catching Up in Pictures @ Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Its been a while since we've caught up on pictures that didn't make it on our weekly posts, because they were pretty but not relevant or we just had too many pictures for that post, so here they are!

Lucy was nearby when I took this picture, and shortly after she was sneezed and it blew away. With her around in the garden these dandelions are rare, as she loves touching them.

There was a sale, and this is our wedding dress. If you cave into pressure or aggressive marketing techniques bring Lola! They had to cut me out of a dress that was way too small, that they said would fit.

An old photo, of a board game cafe. For those who love them but don't have them at home (being the only child) or the dog ate them all. Meet-Up idea.

Polymer clay - I'm a sucker for anything in a bottle. Especially miniature things!

Just in case you want to know when we're open. XD Burnley.

A church near work, where I saw Friar Lawrence.

Studying social linguistics and gender communication differences. Page summary: If a girl likes you she'll talk to you. Though just because a guy doesn't share the details doesn't mean that he doesn't like you.

Doughnut Time opened up shop a block away from the office, they also deliver. 

I enjoy the night, though can't say the same for my camera. 

Monet on my wall, I also have 11 dream catchers. Yes in the same room.

Before and after, fitbit bands from ebay aren't great quality but they sure are cheap!

We came upon a warehouse/event space, and it was empty. The doors were open but there was no one home. I think they were setting up but all went to lunch. No papers lying around, cards or anything. Just an open space. 

I love furniture shops, and interior design. This baby bed/colt? would be a great baby shower gift, not for us, but for someone out there. Can we get this in my size, with a galaxy glitter print? 

A gift, from someone who didn't sign the card.

Pavlova! From my favourite cake shop, my favourite cheap but great cake shop.

Hamer Hall

My phone is special and likes to suck in all the light. I like this house, the garden it's very picture perfect and just short of a water feature and place to sit. 

Ikea last Christmas, great for cheap deco ideas. Chocolate not so great, average. 

Can we get a bit of every flavour? Yes if you can fit them all onto/into a cone!
Cones are $5 and not weight based, this is us getting our money's worth. :P

Town Square

Missing our weekly KitKat Studio visits we bought a box of mini, the caramel's my favourite. 

Tags and sticky notes, the music notes are for le beau. 

Places I've been meaning to check out. 

I think it's gone now, but there was a Monopoly event that we weren't invited to.

She's not nagging, because if you did it the first or second time she wouldn't have to remind you.

A few purchases including an empty bottle, some perfumes I just want for the bottle. 

A papercraft circus at the Arts Center. 

Risotto, I went through a phase where I went everywhere eating this dish. 

As a costumer/accessory lover I loves these types of shops.

Pink Roses at Flemington.

Priceline Skincare Sale. 

QV at Night

Santa driving up Elizabeth St, last year, waving a bell in a six-wheeled car. 

Lunch at the chessboard. We had three catering sized trays of these left over from an event.

Places to eat at, State of Grace on Collins. 

Sushi Hub

Taro & Butter KitKats from Japan

Zumbo's TimTams

Picture perfect yo-yos, I love making these. The imprint is from the back of a fork.

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