Yelp's Work-Shop Party @ Sunday, April 10, 2016

Thursday 31st March

We love Yelp's parties, it's a great way to discover new things, and this month it was a hands on event, arty crafty events are my favourite! As "adults" I don't believe that most (who aren't in the arts/media & co industry) get a chance to make pretty things. And so when I saw the email, we were definitely rsvping to Yelp's Work-Shop Party.

A trip to the Work-shop space out in Fitzroy near Smith x Johnston St was on the list, it's a huge garage like venue, a blank canvas for events. We've been here before, for a clean green eating event, but that's not what I'm really into. I prefer lots of sugar, butter and coconut water. :P

Did you know you could search in the Yelp app with emojos? Like type in a picture of a snowman and you'll get a list of all the ice cream places nearby. How neat is that?

Throughout the space there was an exhibition by Maria Montes, our favourite collection was the cocktail inspired prints. If someone was really drunk they might be tempted to lick the art, like in Willy Wonka. XD

Strawberry, Cranberry and Basil - Pineapple, Cucumber and Mint 

Let's get this party started! With a drink, Vodka O's mixed drink (vodka + sparkling water + fruit juices, herbs and spice flavours), adult soda, in one hand and camera in the other we were ready! There was also beer from Young Henrys, if you prefered beer.

Try not to lick the art. 

Good Freakin Food provided vegan snacks, they tasted totally 
normal and we wouldn't have guessed they were vegan! 

To the beats of Vinyl Revival we made pretty things! Things the boys enjoyed too. There were three mini workshops: succulent pot deco, woodwork and collage. The first was the most popular. 

With Kirk Slywa we sanded down old pallet parts, to give them a new life as a cheese board. Though I probably won't do that, as food and paint don't go well together. But it was fun, when was the last time you painted? Boston Boy was quite creative and painted a scene on one side and cat on the other. I did shapes. 


Side 1

Side 2 

Outside there was a jaffle food truck, Boston Boy has never one before. O.o I recall my middle school offering jaffles on the menu, and the cheese and tomato with tomato soup was always popular. If you don't know what a jaffle is, it's like a grilled sandwich except the press machine seals in all the edges and cuts it into two triangles. The contents will be hot. 

Baskervilles Jaffles

Dinner from Baskervilles Jaffles was Mexican Beans w guac, fresh salsa, cheese & chipotle mayo. On a pre-autumn/fall evening, hot food especially anything toasted with cheese is loved. These were hearty and filling. Though I think fresh salsa has a loose interpretation, as this one came straight from a jar. 

Banana & Nutella Jaffle

One word: delicious! Oh and I hope you got your wet wipes because you're going to need them. Nutella's a crowd pleaser for all ages, and we were delighted to see there was a dessert jaffle! Jas is baffled, about there being a dessert jaffle. While I've never had one before, a night of many firsts.

As it was getting darker and the fillings were hot, and messy in my hands we didn't get pictures of the inside. 

How cool would it be to ask everyone to bring a small jar, have them wonder why, and then do something with them? That'll get everything thinking.

With Emma Grace we decorated a glass jar with vinyl stickers. Purple mountains, silver triangles for me. A peace sign (are you sure that's not a bunny?) and kitty for him. It was quite heavy and so I may have left it at the flower bed at the station. It'll be taken care of there. Edit - It was either adopted or thrown out. 

Thanks Yelp, for the fun creative workshops, I haven't done woodwork since middle school. Dinner, drinks and introducing us to new things including vegan snacks!

Are you a Yelper? When was the last time you painted something?

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