Emporium Series - Charlie & Co. Burgers @ Wednesday, April 06, 2016

19th May &17th July

Charlie &Co. hailed from Sydney and is one of the places you can dine at, at the Emporium's Level 3 food court. It's not like any other food court, but a more premium one with matching prices. You won't find greasy chinese takeout here, or mediocre sandwiches. Instead there's Earl Grey (ck name), Jimmy Grants, Thrive/Spud Bar and a sushi train to name a few places. It's a great place to go with friends as you can order what you like and sit together. There's fish & chips, souvlakis, pasta, sushi and the ultimate bro food - burgers! 

Our first visit was during dinner prompted by a special offer I couldn't refuse, sliders! 3 mini sliders for $15. I'm not really a burger person, and this isn't normally on their menu along with happy meals. So for me was the perfect way to sample their burgers without committing to a huge big mac sized one. 

Update - They now have the 'Trio of Sliders' available for $17, but the selection is different. 1. Angus beef patty, Charlie’s signature tomato sauce & melted cheddar cheese. 2. Spiced chicken breast, fresh tomato, garden leaves & aioli. 3. Lamb patty, garden leaves & Greek yoghurt.

Charlie's Cheeseburger
Angus patty, melted cheddar cheese, pickled gherkins, 
Charlie’s signature tomato sauce & American mustard.

Classic Charlie

Angus patty, fresh tomato, pickled gherkins, garden leaves, 
aioli, Charlie’s signature tomato sauce with melted cheddar.

El Mexicano

Angus patty, panko crumbed onion rings, melted cheddar cheese, 
jalapenos, BBQ sauce & smoked chipotle chilli mayonnaise.

We had the cheeseburger, the classic and the mex. The mex had onion and was the best. Others were good but nothing amazing. So glad I chose these mini ones, it's the perfect way to try them all when you can't decide or just after a sample.

We go together like burgers and fries!

'Parmesan &Truffles Fries' $6 

The fries were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, yes they were very good. I correctly identified the parmesan, while Jas identified it as jack cheese. And Esme has no idea, as she's not a food person, instead she likes man food, and reviews can be delivered in one sentence. It's good or not and spicy or she'd say something about the flavour. I like the idea of parmesan and truffle, but there wasn't much truffle oil.

Would we get them again? No. There's a fish & chip place (Sea Salt) a block away from the apartment and they do great chips too, at $4 and it serves 2-3 people. We can get better/similar chips other places cheaper. Jas knows more about truffles than me and he said he couldn't really taste the presence of it, so that's a second no. 

Charlie's Fish Burger $15

Fresh Rockling marinated in lemon & herbs, 

melted cheddar cheese, garden leaves & tartare sauce.

Fish is one of my favourite foods, fish and mushroom burgers are my favourites, and when there was a buy one get one free offer we were there! The fish had a very light marinade that didn't stand out, we felt it needed a stronger flavour, like cranberry jam or a garlic aioli sauce instead. But was quite light reflecting the fish in fish & chips. 

Classic Charlie $14
Angus patty, fresh tomato, pickled gherkins, garden leaves, aioli, 
Charlie’s signature tomato sauce melted brie (or blue/cheddar).

Meanwhile Lola had the classic, which she said was good especially as there was a choice of three cheeses to choose from the classic cheddar. The best burgers? No, but not a disappointment either.

Charlie has milkshakes, basic flavours + the crowd pleasing Nutella, but no salted caramel. No desserts, just your basic burgers and fancy cheese fries. I'm hoping to see some of our classic American desserts on the menu. ;)

Will we be back? Maybe, if we were there and in a burger mood. Though personally Huxtaburger does burgers like no one else for me, it's that bun. Though to me it's also a cheeseburger snack size.

What do you think of Charlie's? Where's your favourite place to dine at the Emporium?

Charlie & Co Burgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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