Taco Ice Cream with Frankie @ Friday, April 08, 2016

Tuesday 29th March

The best way to start a week! Strawberry Champagne was our favourite.

Taco Tuesday! At Maya, the cheapest Mexican place thanks to groupon. Expect long waiting times. Also do not go here alone, because you'll be at the single bar and being a bar there isn't much space. No coat room. Ma'am you'll need to hold your coat and bag. Can we get bag hooks?

Tacos were good but a bit floury and dry. Why is the sauce in the fish taco radioactive green? Beef was sold out when I got there at 7pm, they just opened an hour ago. Normally it's the fish to be the first to be sold out. I love how they cut up everything into matchstick. Is there a machine that cuts up stuff? Not the Tefal one, I didn't hear good things about that. 

We arrived at 7pm, ordered at 7.15pm, watched an episode of Pam Am, and the food arrived at 7.44pm. As we've been here before we're prepared! But I don't feel that it should take 30mins for tacos, I mean everything is prepped already, you just need to put it together. 

Crazy craving for panna cotta we went searching but didn't find it, instead we had custard.


Fire drill, anytime now. I want to shower, and there's no freaking way I'm getting out for a fire drill. But the thing is the firemen (all very very tall and old) go through each room. Hence the morning was spent on Netflix waiting. 

Don't you hate it when things are in the wrong department? We spent quite some time looking for the multi-blade scissors. In the end we called up another store to check which department they were in. Originally designed as a very hands-on paper shredder they were in the craft department. The packaging says do not use for food, but Daiso says yes. And I say yes. The neighbour is very skeptic and potentially did a better job going with the regular knife and board. It's quite a workout, chopping up three bunches of herbs/green things. 

Milk Cow a has finally come to Melbourne! First as a two month pop-up but eventually a store, and in May Aqua will be coming down from Sydney. With stores in twelve countries Milk Cow specializing in vegetarian (I asked) organic soft serve, they have finally come to Australia. Saw hello to a flurry of giant cotton candy sitting on a clear plastic cup of soft serve!

Their best sellers? The original with honeycomb, and the two with cotton candy, winners on instagram. Prices start from $5.50 and the cotton candy ones are $8.50-ish.

There was a launch party, but we weren't invited.

A very late lunch due to the two previous mishaps, at Tank. Fish & Chippery at the Emporium, it's in the corner so you mightn't have noticed it, on the left pass Jimmy Grants. We need to visit again to do a full post. 

Off to class, Linkedin part two. My summary is too long, but the picture is on point. I don't like it, but it's my "graduation" photo back when I did modeling, back home. Linkedin is fb for adults and work, but you don't post funny things. Instead you post relevant industry articles and journals about trends/development.

They said it'll be great but at the same time we need to evaluate everything we post...

Back to the city. There's a bus that leaves at .00 and .30 from Town Hall to go to the Greek Prescient and Trades Hall. Back from the Trades Hall it's .15 and .45. Would be great to have this info on the site? Nope. I asked via social media, no reply. Phone? They don't know *sigh* Luckily this week there was no loss of signal, and we weren't trapped on the train for over an hour. 

Simon Taylor's Human. He made me laugh! We've seen more shows than laughs so far this year. So if you make me laugh you'll get a recommendation from me. Stories of traveling through the country and character impressions and a car with a Disney karaoke cd stuck instead make an interesting hour. Not only did he entertain us, he made me laugh! *I'm a hard marker*


We love Yelp's parties, so this event is getting its own post!

As the night was still young when the event ended we went to 'Comedy Night at the Portland Hotel' not at the Portland Hotel, but rather the European Cafe/Bar. Featuring two guys from the gala with the same jokes and a handful of interstate comedians made for an entertaining show, though not everyone was funny...


Tonight adventure (after a terrifying trip to the dreaded dentist!) was to a movie with live music. Music was great, the sound from the movie not so great. We saw 'The Godfather' in which the only actor I recognized was young Diane Keyton with massive hair. It's best to read the godfather wiki plot page before, during the interval and after to know what's going on.


The afternoon was visually stunning with lots of sequins, wig and hairspray. Audio was delightfully beautiful as expected. But smelt like shit. Literally. I don't like children. Babies are fine when not crying, but we were around this one long enough for it to take a shit. It also decided to cry, though the mother took it outside. The mother on my left was also fully in control sitting in between her kids and not letting them eat during the performance. A third mother let her kid run around the theatre... I hate family shows. Fortunately most shows we see are either expensive or 18+.

After the ballet we dashed over to Zumbo's Little Frankie for their latest trending soft serve in a donut! There a few toppings you can pick from, pick three. Soft serve flavors change every few days and today it was cherry! But a nice cherry, not crazy artificial though it was purple. Nice? Yes, it's a unique idea though I prefer the two separately, especially starting with a warm cinnamon donut.

At the parking lot nearby we stumbled upon a demolish party for the roller skating rink that's beside Soda Rock. I didn't know that was there!

There was hot dogs, soda, ice cream and Greek donuts! Warm crispy balls, no stuffing cakey filling inside. There were three toppings to choose from and we tried them all :P Our favourite? The salted caramel though the Nutella was a crowd pleaser. 

Off to the city where we were suppose to be. Como didn't include the interval in the timing so we missed going to a recital which Ben said was great! We had dinner afterwards at Shandong Mama, I didn't realize how salty the fish dumplings were! Next stop back to Shanghai Dumplings!

We don't just eat, we also go to concerts and comedy show :P

While snacking on post-Easter 50% off treats on the way there.

How was your week? Chocolate loaded? 

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