Event Fail - Squizzy Taylor's Ball @ Thursday, April 21, 2016

Saturday 16th April

The best way to respond to negative reviews is to delete them all, block the posters (if possible) and deny they exist. Agree and disagree?

The ‘If No One Sees It, It Didn’t Happen’ approach. If someone left you a scathing review on your Facebook page, you may want to consider sending them a cheese basket or something to thank you. Because, it means they were kind enough to come to you first and that there’s still time to fix the relationship [Imagine if the people you dated did this!]. If you then go and delete that comment, you’re going to make an already-disgruntled customer simply more frustrated, essentially telling them you don’t care about their feedback. You’ll be sending them away even angrier than they arrived and they’re not going to keep that to themselves. They’re going to up the fire and leave an even nastier review about your business on Yelp or Google Places. Or they’re going to start a tweet war about how you censored them. Or they’re going to write a blog post with your company name in the Title tag. Any of these things would be way worse than one negative comment on a page that you control. To avoid it, let the comment sit on your Facebook page, addressing it calmly and sympathetically. It’s always better to keep the conversation at your own house than to let it spread elsewhere.

Pop Up Events' Squizzy Taylor's Ball 2016 

Fitzroy 1920...Gunmen, Sly Grog, Prostitution, Extortion, Cocaine, Gang Wars and Vice... but most of all, Fun.

More like sly organisers, extortion prices for what they're actually offering and not such a fun time when you're hangry.

No cloak room, drinks on arrival or fingerfood. $50 is for entry which doesn't include anything but entry itself. Tickets optional as no one's checking and there's no hostess to welcome you. And if you post negative feedback on the event page they'll just delete it. 

There's a reason this picture is in greyscale.

Arriving a bit after 8pm, but before the show started there was no one to greet us at the doors, drinks were not offered on arrival as promised nor was there a cloak room. My friend arrived at 7pm when doors open and said she's asked about drinks, but no one knew anything.

Throughout the night there was dancing, mainly by the Swing Patrol group who'd been invited to perform, in between very short acts on stage. Most of the music was not live, there was a band but left a bit after 9pm, and the party ends much later than that. For $50 I'd expect them to play all night (with breaks). Instead they left a bit after 9pm, and through the front door too. If you're going to sneak out at least use the back door!

There was no food or drinks as promised, though there were drinks and crepes to purchase. By 10pm we were starving, and left. Still no food and drinks. We did not have a good time, and there were many others who felt the same way, hungry and ripped off. And we soon found ourselves at McDonalds, along with many others in costume.   

For $50 firstly we'd expect more, secondly if you aren't going to have food and drinks as promised, don't promise it in the first place. Outsource the catering to food trucks and lower the cost of the tickets to $15-20 as the only thing you are offering is entry.

There were a couple photographers on the night, though one was awful. Not the guy himself but the quality of the photos, there's blurry pictures, bad lighting (flash!) and red eyes to name a few issues. I could have taken those photos, and that is not a compliment when it comes to event photography. There is a reason work doesn't ask me, even though I have a camera.  

To date this has been the most disappointing event we have attended, where we were starving and felt ripped off. Promised the expected but failed to delivery. Not only that, instead of responding to negative feedback the organizers decided to all the negative feedback and pretend they don't exist.

Worst event ever. To be used as a case study in class of what not to do.

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