Four Laughs with Lolo @ Monday, April 04, 2016

Monday 21st March

Hello Optus, I'm back. Boost, I hate you. Will be filing a formal complaint. You didn't deliver what you promised, and won't give me my money back either. 

Mussels with Hot & Sour Tomatillo & Jalapenos

Mussel Monday at Acland St Cantina. Can we finish four bowls? Yes we can! Though perhaps that wasn't a good idea. I'd stop at two, and only get a third to share. Mussels are $10 per kg by the way. 

With Lite n' Easy we only get b'fast if we're getting lunch and dinner too, because with b'fast and lunch only, b'fast works out to be $33 for 5 days! So we're DIYing it with cereal, toast, yoghurt and crumpets.

This week Chobani is on sale $4 for 2, works out to be $2 each instead of $2.25. I haven't worked out which I like/don't yet so we picked all eight flavours. 


Today we were tired, day two of afternoon naps and missing class. In the evening we went to a show, a Silent Comedy hosted at the Arbory Bar, running along the length of a platform beside platform 10 going to Werribee/Williamstown. 

It was catered, while all tickets were the same only people who sat at the limited number of tables were served food. Later there was some pork snacks, but I don't eat pork or drink beer/wine, and if you don't fit in that category you're not catered for.

Some people were more funny than others, the second half was I didn't find amusing at all. Being hangry did not help. We seat too close to the front to leave sadly, but the office is just across the road and I wanted to go.

Would I recommend this event? No.


Workshops to prepare us for life, once released into the real world. Funny how high school gets you into uni (as in they help you apply and everything) but after college you owe us 20k+, and finding a job? You're on your own.

You know you're desperate when you ask your dog if he's on linkedin.

The evening was much less stressful and entertaining. A french comedy Lolo tells the story of a woman (single mother) who meets a nice guy (also single, father) and her son who sabotages every relationship she's ever had including her relationship with his father. He keeps a journal, much like Sebastian (Cruel Intentions with Buffy). It's funny and I liked it, light comedy, an escape from linkedin for a bit under two hours. 


A meeting then stop by the bake shop. I love baking, the decorating, the amazing smells and lovely displays. Though I have never made my own bread. Jas & I ordered a dozen hot cross buns to split this morning (12) and by now we're down to 8 :P Having consumed two each as after dinner snacks. 

Group work is going well. Homework not as well. With limited internet I haven't been able to access it, a very long barely audible video from a few decades ago. 

Being Thursday night it's event night! Though this week there were three events on yesterday, we didn't get invited though. Blogging is a lot like high school, where only the popular kids get invited. Though in high school I didn't care, I just went to school, played sport and saw many tutors. 7am - 6pm, with extra English on Friday nights. But now I really do want to be involved, not clubbing or parties were people get laid. Food events. 

Cabaret & an adult show was on our list tonight. Clara Cupcakes is delightfully bubbly and must be on energizer or Duracell as she was switched on all night, for a series of acts, with not much linking in between. While I enjoyed it I can't say it'll be something I'd remember years later, much like her first show we saw a few years ago. I have the flyer but have no recollection of the show. There will be audience participation, hide in the middle! 

There's a part where Clara takes her dress off and is in granny style/colored underwear, that would have been so much nicer if she wore a burlesque outfit with tassels and sequins. Extra point for twirling the tassels. :P

Tonight's venue was the Butterfly Club, in its 17th year, and 3rd year in the current location it's a wonderful nest of organized clutter. With a few pictures of Jesus I noticed, and aliens too. How did all this stuff, nick knacks come about? The guy at the door said each year they have a party and everyone brings something to add to the deco. If you've never been there, you have to check it out. Located at the end of Carson Lane, opposite Sensory Lab on the back end of David Jones on Little Collins, very close to Town Hall.

Quiz In My Pants: Hardcore Trivia

A show that starts at 10pm might give you the impression that it's for adults only. We were offered free tickets and decided to go tonight as we were already there. What happens if you only have five people in the audience? The show must go on, and it did. It was "rude and crude" r rated, Jas says after a few drinks the boys would love it, bringing them back to high school, even though half are married and the others engaged. 

I'm going to pass on that, but the gang back in middle school would have loved this. D was that guy who rubbed up against poles and peed in a bottle then sprayed it everywhere. He'd share porn with S, through a usb and S would be suspended. Note that it's not like he watched it at school. This was a school with no uniform, like most, where kids run amok and teachers had given up. H was obsessed with sex, all the boys were, though none of the ones I knew were getting any action. We were 14 maybe? The boys back then would have loved this show.

It was a quiz, which included naming guys based on a picture of their topless torso, listing in order of price adult toys, among other things, like listing all the words you could think of for sex, synonyms. I won that part. :P The boys would be proud, though none of the men in my life would. XD

A funny show - for teenage boys that is, or adults after a few drinks. Not my cocktail though. 


Thomas Jaspers is a Kitten Killer was a good show, Joey tells the same story though got confused between the two cats. On the roof there was a bar! Melina, Rooftop Bar. Enclosed with a glass ceiling that offers views of the city, while still being warm, thanks to those portable outdoor heaters. Potential event venue!

After 11pm, after a show you'll always find us at Father's Office. While the ice cream and weird and icy, the cherry tart I love, it's served with an ice cream that isn't icy. :P

There were a couple new additions to the desserts menu so we checked out the pineapple one. A dessert that's really just fruit and icy ice cream, but marinated in a lovely syrup.

How was your week? Did you catch any comedy shows?

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