Friday 18th March

Part two of the annual flower show takes us inside, where a jazz band is playing classics le beau loves like 'Come Fly with Me' and 20s/30s music we've danced to. It's very bright inside! 

This year's centerpiece was a large dinning room, perhaps at a formal party or ball. With the feature being flower skirts. We thought there was too much space and not enough within it.

There was a wing (the building is divided up into two levels with four wings on the ground floor) of arches, wedding inspiration. Where the dream catcher represents all your lost dreams once you get married and settle down, or the web of lies that you'd tell yourself that you're happy. XD

Autumn Harvest

Don't touch, there's rust.

Dollies as dream catches, Peter Pan, Abandoned Castle, Overgrown.

I can't recall the name of these plants, but isn't that design amazing? 
Wait..., do they design it first or just wing it?

Mini roses, though this looks left heavy, need to be more balanced.

One of my top two, due to the color theme, Medieval fair/wedding.

My other favourites, light pink roses and succulents. Very popular for your typical white wedding, where the bridesmaid all wear blush/nude/very pale colours. Mainstream.


Frogs made out of flowers!

80s/90s mainstream wedding flowers/set. 

Ad placement, travel Malaysia.

Mexican themed garden, watch out for the cactus!



Inspired by Figs


Seuss Inspired

Under the Sea

Dark Desire - It mightn't be that pretty, but it smells amazing!! 
I'd love a driveway/path lined with these.

Just in case you wanted to bring something home, though prices were higher than, say, safeway. Though I'm not sure what it would be compared to the markets and florists.

We enjoyed the show this year with more of a focus on feature gardens, rather than the indoor section. Though I loved the show last year, which I felt was bigger and had more things I'd want in my garden. You can check out the show in 2015 here.

Did you go to the flower show this year? Day or Night?

Do you have a dream magically self-maintaining garden too?

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