Friday 18th March

Off to the city to get some work done then to dinner outdoors. Melbourne's weather is a bit special. Yesterday night it was a very warm summer's night. Today rain.

We came, we saw but we did not successful conquer pick any flowers, due to adult supervision in the form of jas. I was so close! I just wanted one flower, and they weren't selling that particular one. It did sprinkle a little, and the darkness was fast to arrive. While the gardens were beautiful bathed in artificial light, the photograph isn't the same as during the day. But still lovely enough to share with you all at home/procrastinating at work.

Yes that is water. Prior to the show the gardens were closed for two weeks to set up.

How magical is this? All we need is some fairy lights above, and giant flowers.

Did anyone bring a s'more kit? Or marshmallows?

At first I thought it was a pond as it was very dark, though flash gave us this picture. 

I'm not sure where I'd put this, to me it's for of an event set-up.

Someone forgot the tripod... but quality aside, this little house in the lake is amazing! And the lake was already there btw, there was a boat you could row. I'd love a garden with a lake, one that's not too deep with monsters. There were beautiful gardens, with water features, rocky paths and fire pits. And then another section with achievable gardens. XD

My favourite garden had a path of concrete slabs, in a garden beside a lake/pond. In the pond there was a platform with a roof where you could sit and gaze back at the garden, to get to the island you needed a boat. Row boat. I'd love that. I'd love to have an entertaining outdoor space. 

Barnyard themed seating, there's no one here because it's cold and wet. 

Garden for one, anyone?

Oh this one's interesting. There was a slight temptation to see if I can fit. :P

Hanging & Floating + Toddler Seat. Inspired by a Fan?

A castle dungeon themed garden! Complete with a dragon (not pictured).

Kids under cover had a fundraising auction on cubby houses that started from 5k, all were sold, though some were cooler than others. There was a pirately jungle themed house on its side with tilted doors. I struggled to get in without hitting my head. Everyone struggled with all of them, though I'm the shortest of them all. There was a house made of cubes that we couldn't find the way in, and a jungle gym one with a fireman pole. Security was there to judge me, as no one else was small enough to get into all the cubby houses. 

After dinner we went for a stroll in the gardens. There were cubby houses! my favourite was a cube with a desk, window seat and bed upstairs. Could live here during college if I had almost no stuff. Though the space under the bed would be good for a wardrobe.

Food truck dinners, limited choice in terms of familiar trucks. I didn't research who the food trucks were so instead of buying something along the way we had dinner there. $35 ribs for jas, who said they were smaller than described, though very tasty. 

From a very well priced Indian place I had a $10 tandoori chicken wrap. Everything was <$14. It was very good minus a few bites of chewy chicken. What I really wanted was butter chicken with rice from Red Pepper.

Jas had bbq, which he said was smaller than listed, that or they included the coleslaw as part of the weight for the meat. He said it was delicious though. 

Dutch Pancakes are a favourite of Jas's and remind him of grandma's pinklets (mini mini Lucy sized pancakes) but puffier and lighter. Served with ice cream, fake maple syrup and icing sugar. We are very glad we didn't wear black tonight!

Part 2 Coming up Next!

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