A Week Lost - Call in Back Up! @ Monday, May 02, 2016

USB crashed and died, and so we lost a week's worth of work including some projects and a lot of recipes. The last backup was two weeks ago. My shoe also broke along with the straps of my handbag. We are not having a good week.

The bed is having a good week though, this is a very rare quilt cover.


I think we made pesto pasta and risotto, both turned out too salt. The neighbor did the onions, spring onions too, I cried, both times. Hence the said neighbor believes I'm a wuss, till I point out I can compel people to do things.

On Mondays we do laundry, cook, take a nap and go dancing. Life makes me very tired, so naps are a must. Also on Mondays morman (the main morman, as there are six of them: morman, his parents, mrs morman, her parents) comes dancing, we always have the most bizarre conversations. Mrs morman rarely comes (recovering from medical things I guess), though her parents are always there. Her father's the most normal of them. 

"You sound like a mouse!" - Morman 
I stepped on his foot nearly tripped over myself and squeaked. If you play sport with me you'll find I do that when I nearly get hit by something. It's also the sound I make when I'm about to be stepped on.

They say you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with. My best friend is 20cm tall, and very white and fluffy. Lucy is a Bunny. And she makes that same noise when about to be sat on or be squished.

This is Cos(tume)play. Team Avatar!

He asked what the sim/diff btw cosplay and horseplay, naturally he proceeded to show him porn on my phone while he his FIL watched from afar. Did he react? Nope. Just judged me for knowing/sharing and corrupting his young innocent mind. 


Job interview, feeling like a pair of hands rather than valued. There are no graduate jobs in my industry because they're all unpaid 3-4 day interships. Nearby was a goodwill, a great place to find books and if you're very lucky vintage polly pocket. 

In hindsight this would have looked better with a white background...

Goodwill finds:
1. Another copy of one of my favourite films, I love the Barbie Movies, the first set where she was a princess. Not living in the Dream House aka Big Brother house, before the rock star pop princess era. 

2. A Wiggles DVD! (Not pictured) I regret not going to their last concert. Blue wiggle needs to quit, everyone else moved on (2012). The new yellow girl married the new purple wiggle recently. Jas is jelly that I got the dvd for $2. XD Yes you can borrow it. 

We should have a Wiggles party! Yes, I want a Wiggles theme party! We'd hire Captain Feathersword, Dorothy, Henry and Waggs. We'd eat fruit salad, hot potatos and cold spaghetti. There would be a pirate jumping castle, and a big red car photo booth. Alternatively (crazy budget here) we could hire the Polly Woodside!

3. The White Queen - I'm not sure if I like the writing style, but it's not EL James *gasp* or Stephanie Myer. Think the tv series was better, even if it was rushed and we saw... zippers!!

Aro laughed. “Ha ha ha,” he giggled.
-Stephenie Meyer New Moon

Excuse me but
“His voice is warm and husky like dark melted chocolate fudge caramel… or something.”
-EL James Fifty Shades of Gray

4. Vintage postcards from '72, from Isabel's Adventures traveling from Hawaii to the West Coast, England and parts of Western Europe. She wrote to her kids and nieces/nephews in Melbourne. Over two months she wrote quite a bit. Imagine the costs of stamps today!

After class we had dinner at 8Bit. It was good but nothing amazing, jas will be back with the burger boys but I won't. The onion rings were very good and were like donuts!


I like it, but nothing fits inside?? Inspiration for a headpiece and collar necklace.

Class, my shoe broke and it was raining, got it fixed and went on shopping and to dessert. I am not a fan of handbags or shoes, so struggled. In the end I got in contact with the rare supplier and ordered the usual. Yes I have a usual when it comes to shoes and bags. Bags, the pretty ones are tiny and hold nothing. Meanwhile mine gives me pins and needles. Why not try a bag? Because I get rashes from friction. I also get very hot and itchy, friction again.

If you thought donut cones were cool wait till you try Chillbro's new 'Churro Baskets' with hand churned ice cream. It's a nest made of churros that you can break off and dip into the ice cream! 


Woke up to mutter something about bodies, and to find my teeth under the bed where I can't reach them. Where's a sword when you need one? Running late as I had to wait for the key for the freezer to bring dinner with me. Too late for a meeting so we went shopping instead. 

Still searching for my new everyday bag, that I can place on the ground. The girls call this the uni bag, because branded bags don't sit on the ground and needs its own mat I'm told in a judging you manner. Uggh this is why I hate shopping for bags. Shoes aren't fun either with my un-Cinderellaly like feet. 

Lovisa - 5 for $10. Lovisa I love you after spring racing season. It's interesting when you're at the outlet and you think some prices are still expensive.

Typo $10. A board for the future, when I have my own place and bigger spaces to style and decorate, and some lanterns. Because these are awesome, we had them back home in single colours. There's lots of Halloween deco including a cheap mugshot backdrop. Shopping for July? There's plenty of Christmas cards and wrapping paper too. 

We missed the sample sale (where HQ sells props for shoots) last week but were lucky to find the board. There were also throws blanket things for $10, with pompom like edges. Slight regret not buying one, as they were snatched up pretty quickly. But I have no use for one, or any ideas how to clean it. 

Coffee O'Clock found us at the cafe, where we had a couple drinks and did some work. Back to Typo a guy walked past me and he smells just like morman so I had to ask what that overpowering perfume is XD After drinks Jon found us and joined us for another drink. We like Jon, everyone does. He's a great guy.  

Back at the office. After using the usb on the photocopier it became corrupted. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I just lost two weeks of work!! Life is stressful. The good news is that I had multiple copies of the important posts and really only lost my post on 8bit and this week.

The usb destroyed on 22/4, not in a fire like my school, but it was working until I stuck it in the photocopier, as after that it stopped work. It potentially contracted a STD and died from plugging it both ends into too many devices... Sometimes I use both ends at the same time... In case you're wondering one end fits into the usb port and the other into the phone. We consulted the IT guy, who said it's lost. 


The Gondoliers. A light opera, where no one dies by Gilbert & Sullivan. Most of the guys were old while girls ranged from 8-40+. Seems a bit creepy. It felt a bit like a school musical except a few mothers and all the fathers wanted to be involved. I prefer my operas in German/Italian with subtitles, because I really struggle without them.

Are you a Gilbert & Sullivan fan?

Dinner after midnight, as we were coming back to the city from Preston. Missed the train by 10 seconds and the next one was 30mins away. We got jas to try the cupcake, there's something strange about it, but I can't figure out what by taste... it's vegan! Hmm... I'm not keen on vegan cake, that or this one was dense and not fluffy.

How was your week?

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