Stranger Danger in Hell @ Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Monday 25th April

Stranger danger and uber? Some people talk more than others... 

Are you married? - Driver
On my way to meeting my husband now. - Me

He asks which state I'm from and says he'd like to married a SoCal girl. I'm not from the South.... I'm assuming he's being too friendly, rather than a creep. It really didn't help that his car was very nice, all pimped out with leather seats, a fancy air fresher and mini chandelier, that screams ladies man.  

Whenever I get asked (always by a guy) are you married? I'm not sure what the answer is. Do I say yes? It does make my feel better, because I was almost married and feel protected somehow saying yes. But at the same time, how are you meant to meet people when you're hiding all the time?

What are your thoughts on stranger danger and uber?


After class we were going to go to 8bit for dessert but they closed at 7.50, though the sign said 8pm... So instead we let jas choose dessert and he picked Dex2Rose. Great gelato, though we haven't been there in a while (hello two litres in my freezer plus an ice cream machine BINB).


We were going to go to dinner at Mario's in Brunswick for their 30th Birthday, though in hindsight that was a bad idea. When we got there at 7pm the line was 50 peoples long!! And they said we wouldn't get in, as it's a very small place. At 9.30pm they weren't taking anyone else. 

So instead we had dinner at Nakid for Satan, $2 tapas. 

Most were pretty good, though we ate a lot of bread and the cannolis weren't fresh.

Banana w Mascapone & Maple Syrup $4
Normally $6 there are quite a few time slots when all pizzas are $4. A crunchy base and basic ingredients made for a simple but good dessert. At $4 it's the right price and size. 

Dessert at Bimbo Deluxe. Never have I been to a place that reminded me of hell before. I'm going to have to withdraw my job application, sorry Hades but the lighting and my pictures aren't going to work.

Why did it remind me of hell? It was dark, loud and had retro mismatched furniture. There was grandpa's wooden box tv, tables/chairs from the 50s+, a plane that crashed and burnt (this is how stuff gets to hell) that's now been used as a DJ booth. There's some arcade game machines and a pool table too.

From the ceiling there's random kitch chandeliers and those dolls that are Bimbo's logo. There's also a doll strapped up in leather in a cell. The music is loud and it's very dark, the darkest non-candle lit place I have been to. Though we were lucky to find a corner with lighting, the rest of the place was dark. It wasn't dirty, but been this dim could have been for all we have known. The first two chairs I picked were rocky. 

How cool would it be to have a Halloween party here? Creatures of the night welcome, fallen angels too. We all wear black, red and dark colours, strictly no bright colours especially white and yellow. 

We'll be back for dinner at some point. Though the place still really does remind me of hell. It was too dark to take pictures of the place itself.

Around the corner, just as haunting was this little nursery. 
Note that unlike in the very edited picture it was very dark and moody.  

Boat-pool to hell anyone? We've been watching OUAT. :P 


As the time spent in the store increases it has a direct relationship on the likelihood of the customer making a purchase. - True. I went to return something and bought a colouring-in book (as a gift, not for me, I can barely write) and a cape! 

It's light, flows and is black! And only $20, along with being something I'd actually wear fortnightly.

Lunch at Tank at the Emporium. Post coming soon.

Back to the office where productivity was low and I was set on destroying a lost ipad that made an annoying ping/dinging hotel lobby service bell noise with an echo, that freaking echoing in my brain. Sadly I couldn't figure out how to remove the battery and our couches aren't the ones you can stuff something inside, so I passed it onto security. We struggled to make sense of some research, that or we were tired. The same kind of tiredness you wake up with, with a hint of a fever. 

The quinoa salad had exploded in my bag and it smelt like the vinaigrette dressing... you betrayed me. This wouldn't have happened if you were a donut. Or a cherry ripe slice, we're putting these on the list of things to make then freeze.

Cherry Ripe Slices

No events this week, as we were sick/very stressed. Though we did take a study break and quick dash to Myer and back, for free ice cream. :P Looking forwards to May, the month of musicals!

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