Pho Hung Vuong Saigon @ Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tuesday 10th May

This was when we left, when we got there it was full. 

This week being cold was the perfect time to revist pho, a noodle soup that's served typically with beef, that's all about the broth made by simmering bones, spices over a period of time (hours).

Arriving a bit after 7.30 the restaurant was full, and unlike any other pho place we've been to more than half the restaurant was white. Could this be because this place is the first place to pop up when you google 'best pho in Footscray'?

Unlike other pho places that resembles typically asian kitchens/dinning areas, there were bright lights great for pictures. Though the tables and chairs were high in density, too many people not enough space. Everyone sat closely, we call it efficient packing.

Also the menus were clean and laminated, no desserts as usual. Vietnamese restaurant don't seem to have dessert often or it's the typical yum cha dessert minus egg tarts. So deep fried banana, lychee and vanilla ice cream. Wished they had all those desserts like the corn soup-ish pudding and the the green bean dough balls that are boiled then served in gingery syrup.

Custard Apple Smoothie $4 - I do love jack fruit, custard apple and asian fruits, but jack fruit always has a lot of ice, so we went for the custard apple. It was greener than expected and nice and creamy. I'm now doubting if that was custard apple or not...

Spring Rolls $8

Spring rolls are awesome! Though these weren't what I'd thought they be. Spring rolls the asian ones have all these shredded things in them, not just pure prawn like these ones. Hence disappointing. Also for $8 I'd expect them to be cigar size not these small ones.

For mains we ordered pho or so we thought. I got exactly what I wanted though jas didn't.

Spicy Beef & Pork Noodle Soup w Egg Noodles (Medium) $11

He ordered... but it came with egg noodles rather than pho rice noodles, so the flavours just slipped right off instead of absorbing. He also got a plate of lettuce on the side. Well there were lots of white people which reflected the restaurant's deco/mood and possibly the increase of lettuce. Fusion is what they call it. 

Sliced Beef Pho (Small) $10

Pho is typically served with those bean sprouts, thai basil, lemon and chili on the side. I don't like bean sprouts so asked for them on the side, which is probably why I didn't get lettuce. Though it was half the quantity I'm used to.

The pho itself was good but I think we needed more lemon, which was once again smaller than usual. 

Prices were good as our bill came to $33, with the exception of the overpriced spring rolls. Though we seem to think the higher cost of deco and atmosphere has had an impact on the sides that come with pho. Service was minimal and fast, jas says one guy was rude, I say he was prompt. When in Footscray we're not here for atmosphere or service.

Throughout dinner Miss Universe was on screen and so much of the discussion was on wings. Bad choice of show during dinner, because skinny and food generally don't go together. 

There was a slight mix up at the check out. I'd ordered the custard apple but it came up as avocado on the bill!! I'm allergic to avocado, freaked out a bit there, I'm really not sure what I had now. And it makes me question is my allergy to avocado is all in my head, or if I've outgrown it.

Where's your go to pho place?

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