Does the Mikado Deliver? @ Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday 10th May

That feeling when you bought something on Thursday and now it's Monday and it's half the price you paid for... But at the same time you know it's ok, because a lot can happen in three days meaning that it might be on sale now, but they probably don't have it in your size. Unless you were an employee and knew about the future sale and hide the item somewhere. 

Today we were off to re-shoot a picture for a potential gallery thing, but only to discover they've closed down! NOOOOOOOOOO! I had the picture but a glitch/virus wiped out a lot of pictures in storage. 

Nearby were two bookshops, struggling under the weight of the first I didn't make it to the second. Vintage books and something new. The oldest of them with the leather cover and gold edges will be butchered to create the perfect book box. Jas is horrified, claiming it's a classic. 

Class was unproductive. Friday 9am meeting, gotta leave the house at 7.30 to get there in time then back for a 2pm meeting. 

Pho for Dinner out West

The night was young and so I took a nap then saw a movie, 'The Dressmaker' with Kate Winslet. With all that makeup she looks forever young and beautiful. Her friendship with the sargent and journey were things we watched keenly. We weren't fond of the boy though, because he was too good for the town and didn't belong (and not because his family was the poorest in town). In attempt to get the town to forgive her for something they claim she did, she makes dresses for the women. Turning a duckling into a swan, though she does a 180-ish and with her new found beauty/style she becomes of the gossiping bitchy towns folk. The main leading lady when it comes to fashion. Though in reality no one dresses like that daily, it's not practical and the fabric is expensive. 

Revenge was amusing to watch, how the chemist met his end, and the towns' end. With the chemist, the hunchback I don't know why he runs home head first into a pillow his wife's holding? Oh and the brownies Molly & Tilly give her, pretty sure they've got pot in them. The evil mayor met an end at the hands of his (something) wife. And the whole town had it coming, the end was good. It's how I would have done it. But there's always the question of, do we gather everyone in a place and burn them to the ground, or do they live and suffer?

Have you seen 'The Dressmaker'? Are you going to see the exhibition? 

We'll be sharing lots of pictures from the event for those who couldn't make it. 

I'd hate to live in a small town, as I'm pretty sure I'd be seen as the witch and be burnt at the stake. And the first to point an accusing finger would be mrs morman, and of course morman would be the one to light the fire. 


Some days are harder then others, today and yesterday were those kinda days, with productivity being low till the last minute. Presentations went well, one subject is winding up with reports due on Monday and two weeks to go. 

Crepes for Dinner out East


Friday the 13th with a full moon, time for a coven meeting!

We made it to school by 9am! This is an extremely rare thing as we're 2hrs away, the guy arrived after, but the girl sent her apologies. She had been in a car accident, pictures or it didn't happen. Ok, maybe a description would have been enough...

Many run throughs, exhausting. The roleplay was two girls getting bitchy, but with the guys it was easier in that they tried to understand each other instead of having a typical girl fight. Why is it that there are mean girls, and they're common, but boys are chilled?

That looks like an interesting event. I wonder if schools do workshops on the topic.


Four events, one day, can we do it? Yes we can! But then we napped on the way home and missed the stop, fortunately we're near the end of the line. Rewind.

I am not a morning person. I struggle unlike small children and grandparents, but still we weren't too late to the opera. Opera on film with subtitles, just the way I like it! It may be in English and I love musical theatre, but sometimes struggle. 

The Mikado, while set in Japan featured all English characters, schoolgirls, hotel staff (bellhops and maid) and the council. G&S is about silliness, and fun, and ... mocking the powerful, and accepting the fundamental absurdity of life. 

It "was the second longest run for any work of musical theatre and one of the longest runs of any theatre piece up to that time [1885]" and is the most frequently performed Savoy Opera, and we can see why!

Lots for make-up for everyone, with comedy and an alls well that ends well conclusion. It was a very good show that we enjoyed, and highly recommend. It's for everyone, well not kids, and not only grandparents. The later was the intended audience hence time slot. 

Lunch was a taste testing mini-event, top secret.

Next we were off to a sorta farewell to Helados Jauja, while I can't say we go there often, we always stop by after a movie at the art house cinema nearby.  

Ice-cream Appreciation Masterclass: a Sensory Indulgence

After all that ice cream we needed a savory hearty meal, so stopped by Mantra Lounge. It's vegan, I'm not vegan but the lasagna's quite good. Huge servings for $9 this slice (the size of a take-away box) serves two with a salad. 

Off to the theatre, The Orchid & Crow. Sounds pretty/interesting but that part was creepy as. A story about a testicle cancer survivor, that must be terrifying. I'm slightly curious/think that you could always get a fake one put in? Steve on SATC had the same thing and he talked about it. 


Sundays are best spent relaxing, perhaps a picnic or time spent in the gardens. Taking a more relaxed approach today (yesterday we went to four events) we took the day off from the usual hustle and bustle, and spent the afternoon at Como House with Deliveroo.

How was your week? 

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