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Monday 2nd May

What I thought we were making...

...what we actual made.

We made a rocket out of the white plastic sheets they use for promos outdoors and signage, very hard cardboard tubes and paper. Does it fly? Yes, it can. How? No idea, the boys did try to explain it. Maybe if there were diagrams?

I thought we were just decorating plastic bottles and stuff as pretty things that do nothing, but it was for the engineers club. A group of boys who know they're doing nothing on the weekend a few weeks away, without consulting their calendar. They were nice. Why aren't they killing each other with competitiveness? One says it's like the Hunger Games, team up and weed out the weak ones first. 

On pretty things. Why do girls love pretty things?
Why did you buy it? - Him
It's pretty... - Me
But what does it do? - Him
It's a snowglobe, you shake it and it looks pretty! Does it really need to be anything but pretty?! - Me
... - Him

Could it be because of the value put on beauty? People who are pretty have it easier in life, get invited and paid to just show up and have a good time. Everything is easier for them. It's all about how pretty you are, and thin really. And not just in the fashion & beauty industries, but the female dominated ones too. And mine is one of them. I know girls in my course who work as promo models and get invited places (and get asked to invite all their pretty friends). Le beau is one of those people part of the group that is known as "the beautiful people" who can get into almost any event with just a smile.

Women (the ones who could be old enough to be my mother) seem to be different though, in that they're over it. They're all nice to each other and no one is trying to kill the others.
Grandmas I work with (though volunteering work does attract a certain kind of people) are all lovely too. I asked a couple what happened to the bitches? Does everyone just become nicer and focus on whats really important when they get older, and after they get the guy? They said no, bitches stay bitches, though they aren't a part of our group. All the women belong to a club that's all about being social and helping out the community, doing fundraisers and stuff.

On the way to dancing I met a lady who's new, she said she's doing her psych phd (after 7yrs) though I failed to ask what her research topic was. Not sure why she chose to speak to me, other than I knew her name (one of the boys had pointed her out the other day) and where she was going. Personally I'd be stranger danger!, who is this person? Run!! I'd never spoken to her before, or being close enough for her to recognize my voice. I think we live in fear, gotta be extra careful. But for her the world must be an even scarier place, not being able to see. She had a beautiful golden lab, who managed to lick me and my feet a couple times! I was wearing shoes, just not shoes that fully covered my feet. 

It's good to learn self defense as a girl she said. Still don't think it's fair that there's all these things we should do because we we're not boys. Do boys live in constant fear of being kidnapped and held captive for you know what purposes? No says the ones around me, don't even need to be careful how close you walk by to avoid getting your ass grabbed. While everyone should learn self defense it's also about educating people what is definitely not ok.


Had an interview, she asked if I had a bf and where I was from but not in a creepy way, more of a friendly curious way. Potentially a test, because assuming you both work 9-5 full time jobs, you'd want to weekend off. Lola is super open and honest, no hidden agendas, but that isn't always the best tactic. Meanwhile mr high kicks says you can't ask someone's marital status during a job interview!

Lunch from Bing Boy. There's a new menu including dessert! Strawberry Matcha you'll be mine soon. But for now we had a bowl, think of it as a burrito but naked in a bowl, no wrap but instead brown rice. Very healthy and filling.  

It was gloomy, rained (not too much) and was very windy. So much so that someone asked me if I "Let it Go" XD as I was wearing blue and my hair was in the Elsa braid. Lunch was a nice visual contrast. 

Class then to the libaray. I was offered an interview O.O in shock I waited till getting home to reply. I have applied for 60+ jobs but mainly get no replies followed by the auto message saying thanks, but no thanks. 

To get a job in events is easy. But to get a paid job, now that is a challenge. 

This week's 'Dinner out West' was selected by jas, African food at Addis Abeba, a white lighted almost robbin's egg coloured restaurant, of where we were the only diners. It's out west and a Tuesday, do people not have dinner out on Tuesdays? No mood, kitchen lights, but the food was good. Full review coming up soon.


Feeling like a Friday should have been scheduled two days ago at the rate I'm going. Prahran, City, Chadstone, House, Home. How many miles did I travel?

Dish'd I think is going down that or they're promoting heavily, with free cake! These things serve 31, rich and decadent you only need a little. Not sure why the picture is tiny... but we've had this cake before. 

Class then fast forward. The bag search is coming to an end - I hope. I love stationary and deco but not bags and shoes. I like to look but that's all. Target had a collaboration with JGP last spring, feels like it but it was actually the march shows. And now it's on sale! Are you buying it for an event? Nope, the occasion is it's on sale!

Dinner at the Emporium. That mexican chain with a long hard to remember name. $6 burritos, yes please! I see others have bought a couple for lunch tomorrow too.

The Body Shop's British Rose Pop-Up

Photo Wall

Soda? Yes please!

City to Chadstone. Someone (a girl as always) sent me a mean message telling me not to turn up and butt into events I'm not invited to... I don't know who she is, but all I know is that she saw me and we've probably met briefly before. What's your problem? It was a coincidence that I was there at the time, didn't travel to go to an event I didn't know about. Also you may have used an anonymous email, but I have your IP address. 

We traveled an hour to go to Target actually, after placing the item I was chasing on hold. A trench coat, not my wish listed red one that's $150 from Portmans (looking for a deeper red). But a black one by JPG on sale, $150 down to $75! I'm not sure on target quality but return policies are great and collabs are always of higher quality. Did you know Target isn't actually in Chadstone anymore? I recall the days back when they had 'dirty cheap books' and we'd spend hours there after school. Before that I'm pretty sure it was a Boarders, during the reign of Harry Potter.

Update - The Monday after I bought the coat it was down to $38, and the bag was $18. 


An interivew, don't think I got it, due to lack of rsa and bookkeeping experience. I'm not sure what bookkeeping is... but I have done accounting but none of the programs. The second in person interview was actually shorter than the first phone one!

Back to the city, but first a snack! It has been such a long day that it feel like two days merged into one, so I vaguely recall what I ate. 

Ice Cream & Brownies $10.50

Macadamia & treacle/honey ice cream with a brownie. The ice cream was great, creamy and nutty! Not sure about the brownie as it wasn't warmed up long enough, but given that I tried to order a very warm brownie at fed sq, it was a challenge to deliver. Service was excellent. Would I get it again? No, as it's kinda expensive. But all ice cream is around the same price.

Onto class, got my RSA. The teacher was fun and engaging, but there were no drinks on arrival? I was slightly under the impression that we got to taste alcohol? Role playing and the struggles of minor and alcohol. Brain development issues, not an issue. I mean it weeds out the weak ones and gives the others a step up. 

One of the roleplays we did was a parent buying drinks for their 14yr old. The two guys sitting at my table (tbh the nerds table, totally safe from drinking too much, stds and all XD) both agreed this was something that would have never happened back in our day. And if we were found with it we were dead. Mother wouldn't/won't and will never buy me alcohol (she's says drinking leads to sin). Teen drinking for me personally wasn't an issue anyway as I had no friends in high school, no parties and a social life was unnecessary. Also my best friend, Lucy Bunny doesn't drink, being a bunny and all. It's scary all these things parents have to deal with these days. Thinking like kids getting sluttier earlier, cyber bullying (fb wasn't popular when I was at school) and 14yr olds have social media and posting pictures of them in their underwear. 

How do you tell if someone is mentally ill or drunk? The teacher says they will tell you if it's the prior. Really? I'm just your bartender, why would you share that sorta information with me?

Being very loud, continuous whistling (like bird calling) talking to everyone, and asking too many details all together at the same time is definitely a sign, especially in a public place, like on a tram. She was very loud and in everyone's face.  
Which team do you go for? *Comments on that*
What's your name?
Where are you getting off? Why?
Who's picking you up?
Where do you live exactly?
I could see everyone was relieved when she got off.

The plan after class was entrees, dinner and a show. What happened was the first two followed by crashing all over the place, and a nap on the way home, then fries. Learning about responsible drinking followed by happy hour! But we were here for snacks. 

Tapas Platter $10 @ Yuzu. Full review coming up soon.

The Weekend

The Glee version was much better than the one we saw...

Watching a strange production with 10 characters, one giant and some very little girls. The boys have decided to stuff their pants for some reason. And the group behind me is laughing throughout the show, at it that is. Pretty sure they know the people in the show.

This is all very odd, and we do feel a bit like we're seeing a dressed rehearsal. It felt very small, nothing like our school musicals. The atmosphere was mockery (from the people behind me) and over excited parents to see their kids on stage (on my right).

We're having a pretty low key weekend, which seems to be the latest trend for me, staying away from the city. I may have a thing for weddings but they also make go a bit crazy (clearly not over le beau), and so avoid them as much as possible. People around me are also avoiding the topic.

This weekend we went to see a musical, went dancing and had a burger. Failed to cook, clean, do laundry and do menu planning. We also burnt the rissoto (just heating it up...). But we did try something new! We ate at a local place on main street. While I have multiple places of residence, when not at the apartment in the city I live (live is not the right word, perhaps survive?) in a small town, where luckily no one knows each other. There is one main street, and a strip of shops. Which isn't what I used, there are no malls with wifi here. 

In town there are lots of resturants, though nothing takes my fancy. We have been here since Nov and I have not eaten at any local resturants (take away from a mexican chain doesn't count). Though our focus at the moment is adventures out west. 

Some off the Best Chips are from Grill'd. I do love hot chips...

How was your week?

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