Tuesday 3rd May

This week's 'Dinner out West' was selected by jas, African food at Addis Abeba, a white lighted almost Robbin's egg colored restaurant, of where we were the only diners. It's out west and a Tuesday, do people not have dinner out on Tuesdays?

Seriously we were the only people here the whole time, this rarely happens.

So it turns out the menu online isn't up to date...

Coffee Ceremony 

We had sambosa to start, lamb with mashed peas and spices in pastry parcels. 4 for $8. Presentation was a bit basic. Though dinning out west is basic most of the time, funny while everyone else is posting food porn we're posting this. :P

I had the vegetarian platter ($14), of which all but one filling (that green one at the front with wilted veggies) was edible. The yellow blob is corn and onion, the two dark oranges had lamb in a spicy sauce, and there were lentils (green blob, split peas). As you can tell we weren't told much about what we ate. 

Jas had raw beef with a marinade that was sweet but very hot. He liked it, but after a while freaked out a little that he was eating raw meat, and had failed to order anything to accompany it.

While it was good it was slighter higher in price than African Cuisine and smaller. The setting reminded me of a waiting room at the doctors' office with the calm colours and white lighting. But there was music and incense filled the air. 

Would we recommend it? We're a bit meh about it, if you'd like to try it sure, but for African food go to that other place we went to. Why? Larger servings and it's cheaper. Service was minimal though adequate. 

Do you have any African restaurants you've been to and recommend? 
Dinknesh is next on our list.

Addis Abeba Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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