Yuzu Cuisine Fusion Japanese @ Friday, May 13, 2016

Tuesday 3rd March

Lunch at Yuzu Cuisine, Modern Japanese, in a hidden lane that not many would stumble upon, in Church Lane around the corner from the food court where Mason Dixon resigns, beside the Oak Hotel. 

Traditional Japanese flavours infused with modern Australian, says the website. This is somewhere I'd take morman who I want to introduce to Japanese food, as it's finer (fancier) than the usual places we go, and you won't be  greeted with a loud “Irasshaimase". Instead there's mood lighting and a full house of suits for lunch. A place where you could have a lunch meeting, though I prefer for it to be just me, the camera and food. 

Some guys are really into burgers, but me, I love my bentos! Lunch sets, known as the express sets here are only available for lunch, though you can get them take away for dinner. 

There are four non-veg/pork options (fish, chicken, beef and tofu) that all come with rice, miso soup and a salad. The recommend one was Teriyaki Chicken, so we went with that. It also came with a veg. spring roll and sashimi.

Teriyaki Chicken Set $18
with veg. spring roll and sashimi & rice, miso soup, salad 

The eating order is as follows: miso (traditionally drank, no spoons), sashimi, spring roll, and them chicken/rice/salad. Starting with the lighter dishes. 

Everything was delicious and very good, the sashimi was fresh, spring roll sliced just so that you can see what's inside, and a good ratio of chicken to rice. The sauce was a bit salty if consumed alone, but was fine with the rice. 

Service was very good, the hostess was very friendly and no one judged me for taking pictures XD With a crowd of suits in groups no one really noticed me.

Tuesday 8th March

Dinner at the office, Yuzu delivered.

Wafu Eye Fillet Beef Set $20

with chicken tatsuta age and sashimi

A balanced soy (sauce) based marinade and soft tender wafu eye fillet, atop rice with a salad (too much dressing for me) was tonight's dinner, in a takeaway bento box from Yuzu. 

The box itself reflected the modern fusion of Yuzu, using a cardboard box rather than the usual red plastic bento box. Instead it reminded me of the noodle boxes you see in movies, though I have yet to experience that myself.

Unlike with the chicken set this one came with chicken tatsuta age (fried chicken) instead of a spring roll. Deep fried chicken is always welcome.

The eye filet was great, but the salad had too much dressing.

Thursday 17th March

The first time I've ever tipped in Australia, because he rode on a bicycle while carrying two cups, think coffee cups. That takes skill.

After a third visit/meal from Yuzu I'm ready to do a full review, on bentos. 

Edamame $5
Instead of popcorn for a movie tonight we had boiled beans, and then ate half a pack of twisties... This is like buying a tub of nuts, probably not going to finish them in one shot, best to be shared between 2-3 people

Yuzu Iced Tea $4.80
A refreshing light citrus iced tea, potentially needs more sugar, though it's slightly sweet.

Butter Fish Set $19

But first takoyaki, creamy octopus balls w a small shrimp in the middle. These were nice and three was the perfect number. 

Once again the salad had too much dressing and was a bit salty, next time I'll ask for the dressing on the side. 

The fish itself was soft, white boneless with a smooth pleasant texture. Lightly marinaded it would go well with rice and salad, to balance out the saltiness. I quite liked it, and being fish it was lighter than the chicken and beef. 

So of the three which is my favourite? I'm going to have to go with the beef, though the chicken does come with a spring roll. And I think spring rolls should be as easy to find as chips!

Friday 6th May

Between 5-7pm it's happy hour with $10-12 cocktails and $10 for a selection of 5 canapes. There also some chicken skewers (5) for $10. On this occasion we came for the entrees before dinner and a trip to the theatre. 

Being 6pm on a Friday the place was quite saw for a handful of early diners or snackers, and a couple at the bar. As the dish we were going to order was designed as nibbles for drinks, we sat at the bar. Coincidentally there was also good lighting at the bar. :P

Happy Hour Combo $10

  • Edamame
  • Gyoza (pork/vegetarian) with soy sauce
  • Chicken tatsuta age with drizzles of mayo 
  • Takoyaki aka octpus balls  
  • Crispy wrapped prawn with sweet chili

Everything was delicious! Warm and deep fried goodness. With the standouts being the takoyaki, creamy with a chewy dried mini prawn inside, and the prawn wrapped in a pastry sheet and fried. 

Dinner is more expensive for the same dish, even for takeaway. The tapas aren't available for takeaway, but the bentos are. The ramens with te exception of the beef are the same price for lunch/dinner though. 

Our recommendation? Come for lunch, and use the liven app to get a discount, which only applies to dine in. Alternatively come for the tapas and order bentos for a takeaway dinner.

Have you been to Yuzu? Where do you go for bentos? 

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