The Big Deliveroo Garden Dine @ Monday, May 23, 2016

Sunday 15th May
Charlie was invited as a guest of Deliveroo. 

Picture by @damoforce 

Sundays are best spent relaxing, perhaps a picnic or time spent in the gardens. Taking a more relaxed approach we took the day off from the usual hustle and bustle, and spent the afternoon at Como House with Deliveroo.

Picture by @sydneypr

Launched in 2013 in London, Deliveroo is a food delivery service, an app and website that lets you order food from the best loved restaurants around you to your door - in an average of 32 minutes. 

Available in the UK, Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Singapore and Spain.**** Check here for the actual list.

There's a $5 delivery fee. It's delivered by bicycle couriers, from experience they seem to be very friendly backpackers and international students. It's quick, easy, convenient, and can be delivered to the office! Up to your floor too. 

It's different to other food delivery services in that it's not just your local pizza/pasta/Indian places that deliver, they have the best places, well known restaurants, high quality restaurants that don’t deliver - till now. 

Picture by @foodiemelbourne

Coconuts & Pulled Chicken - Little Peddler

Today in the garden we were treated to a teaser of what could be ordered through Deliveroo. We were late as jas said he was coming, but didn't, hence we didn't get all the pictures.

Have I ever mentioned my love of coconuts? We love everything coconut!

There's a bit of confusion as to who bought what along to lunch, but I believe the containers around the White Oaks Saloon sign is from the salon, and maybe the mash. Though the meatballs are from Meatball & Wine Bar (not to be confused with the Meat & Wine Co.). 

White Oak Pulled Pork Sliders

What a great party idea! Order a bunch of things to put together. - Radio Mexico 

Picture by @sydneypr

Iced Tea by Stolen Recipe. Refreshing and picnic perfect!

Picture by @topfoodmelborne

Cookies & Cream, Classic Chocolate Cupcakes - Little Cupcakes

Picture by @melbafoodie

Showbags, with Jazz Apples by Montague, Peter Lang Jewellery and Vino Mofo Wines.

We love Huxtaburger's sliders! Still to this date the best burgers we've had, and jas agrees, our burger expert who has them almost weekly with the boys. Buffalo chicken, and mac & cheese from the Salon, and meatball from the Meatball & Wine Bar - which was very good - we're going there next week. 

Coconuts, cupcakes and macarons make the perfect afternoon!

I quite like the iced tea, which wasn't as sweet as most. Stolen Recipe is Australia’s only ice tea made with freshly brewed loose leaf tea (no tea extract) and sweetened with fruit juice (not sugar). nothing else added – 100% natural, no additives, no artificial flavours, no colours, no preservatives.

Two restaurants/places feature in this photo are on the block next to us at work. Being located in the CBD Deliveroo has a wide range of places that offers us delivery.

Thanks for the flowers Bloombox Co., it's perfect for my test tube vase! 
Living in a small space means no large vase, and a week later the flowers are still thriving!

White Choc Raspberry Cupcakes from Little Cupcakes

Our local cupcake shop, which we love for classic cupcakes. They also do mini cupcakes which are perfect for events! This is one of our two go-to places for cakes, for private events and work events.

Picture by @sydneypr

Thanks for a lovely afternoon of revisiting favourites (Little Cupcakes, LuxBite, Chillbro, Huxtaburger) and discovering new places to try like Little Peddler and the Meatball & Wine Bar.

Have you tried Deliveroo before? If not now's the perfect chance!

Hint: There's $10 off codes for your first order floating around, or rather tramming around the city, especially coming in from St Kilda Road.

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