A Blurr of a Week @ Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Some nights I don't sleep, instead I pass out from exhaustion and spend the day being unproductive and crashing all over the place. Too tired to even edit pictures. Today was one of those days. Jas has always disproved of the blog as he prefers it if everyone keeps their opinions to themselves. He demonstrates this through his behavior. And through sabotaging me, by attending the event but then refusing to write about it. Not directly, but passively umming and ahhing himself through it. This has happened at least twice. And then yesterday he said he was coming and was an hour late, so that I wouldn't be able to get the pictures I needed. 


A long day. I can't believe we spent the entire day shopping... I kid you not, the plan was shop 9.30-2pm then back to the office. We didn't make it till 8.30pm. A shop till you drop challenge with lunch/dinner at 11pm. Exhausted.

First someone, a guy was a totally d**k to me. Freud reckons if I could avoid taking to people at events I would. So this d**k pushes in line then tells me I'm pushing in line!! Naturally there was a girl on his arm. I had always secreted wanted le beau to do those things for me, but he's too much of a gentleman, and into setting good examples as a great role model for the kids. Back to the line, he ended up behind me and pushed in front of everyone behind me. What a d**k! Security was close by but we were near the front.

Treasure Hunt. 

Scroll x Cupcake Central. 

Shop. Shop. Seminar. Coffee. 

Yelp Event. 


Haven't slept since Sunday, haven't eaten in two days is how we're feeling today. No time to rest though, got reports and presentations!

Went home home to upload work and stayed there overnight. Lucky I had a toothbrush. Showered though feeling like I have yesterday's night cream on. Productive at 25%. 1pm felt like morning. 

Exhausted and run down but the show must go on!

Dinner at the Emerald City's burger joint, the Burger Project. 

Before heading off to Oz, to see Wicked!

After the show we had dessert at Pablo Honey, an empty skull themed restaurant, empty after 11pm on a Thursday Night. We came for THE skull dessert!

Skull Dessert $17
Custardy white chocolate mousse with popping candy, 
dried raspberries, orangy yellow petals and a sugar mold. 

It was very good, could I get a cup of just the mousse, popping candy and raspberry? Best to be shared between two. A tasty novelty, at $17 try once. 


Lots of traveling, volunteering, dinner and theatre.

Three weeks till the end of semester, we're so very busy! So delivery from the Meatball & Wine Bar was dinner tonight. I know it's only a couple blocks away, but it's that busy. Also I tend to take detours... Reviews coming up soon.

Tonight's show was Coriolanus, not pretty, focused on men and battle. The energies were high and everyone decided to spray at and say it, though it's not my style. With a plain set the action is set between the characters. A 21st Century Political Tragedy Set in Rome.

I love this comic strip style summary!


It's Sunday?! The last thing I recall was going to Wicked like it was last night... turns out that was actually on Thursdays. Days since have been a blurr of churning out reports and work. Friday was spent working on something I can't recall, and a 3hr trip to the local shops. Saturday, we were volunteering, a distant memory.

While there are many places I volunteer with some are more special than others, the managers. I have three favourites are they're all pretty awesome, the two guys left last year (or maybe the year before that) as one said it's the next journey in life, contracts expire and people move on. So the only one left is ms events, she's always very enthusiastic and a Kikki K lover. I actually started with that organization before she did, and now I'm still around but she's left. Is it time to move on? I feel like everyone around me is.

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