Shop the City - Winter 2016 Edition @ Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday 18th May

The biannual mid-year shopping festivals (one day per shopping center) have arrived! With sales at most stores, free bubbles and some workshops/key events to get the customers in. The workshops/guest seminars are key, as people tend to often only go when they're after something.

For Melbourne Central it's the treasure hunt that gets us in, also the location. Highpoint had some great workshops, one on perfume! but they were too far for us. 

The biannual treasure hunt. It's not as good as last time, no lush and less samples, more vouchers to promote spending. Most useful thing obtained: a toothbrush that I ended up using on an emergency trip home (to upload my work). I prefer things like handbag-sized shoe care, pretty on-trend key rings and perhaps stationary. Cookies are always welcome too.  

A collaboration with scroll'd ice cream and cupcake central resulted in s'mores and lemon vanilla. I like the contrast, chocoholic and well, citrusy classic vanilla. 

Lemon Meringue $10 - Gluten free lemon curd filled cupcake with vanilla 
scroll ice cream, meringue kisses, fairy floss & salted caramel sauce.

As my +1 today picked the first I picked the later. Plus there wasn't Graham crackers. It was good at $10, needs a lot more fairy floss though, which I'd obtain later on. 

Over to the Emporium for tea, QV for bubble cup, back to melb central, then back to emporium. Seminar on the Australian fashion industry, slightly interesting. Yes it's good to support the country and Australian made, but it's so not affordable.

4 Key Elements for Design

  • Concept
  • Context
  • Realization
  • Communication 

I was there for the showbag :P Which included a double pass to the Ngv fashion exhibition, a $20 gift voucher, a throw rug (what's it for? other than on planes?) and other things.

With discounts everywhere we bought some tea ($6, using the giftcard) socks for bunny and headbands for me. Had some popcorn and fairy floss. I have a big head (it's where she gets all those crazy ideas :P) and the crowns fit quite well. I completely forgot to buy the one thing on my list sadly, shoes. A certain pair that costs $240 and lasts four months. But four months of walking on a cloud!

Lincraft had 50% off and we couldn't resist! Still not sure what the sand is for... Can I have a sandpit for my feet? Some people have a little Japanese garden on their desk with the sand, stones and rack. 

I love my stickers! Le beau likes the smiley faces and stars. 
Wished my job encouraged stickers :P Gold/glittery stars motivate me.

Over to QV for 5pm drinks, arriving early, skipping ID checks and lines that have yet to come. Expresso martinis. Nice? No... Ughh!!! Glitched and lost some text. A mother gives her toddler (in a pram) an espresso martini, and I'm glad not to be at the bar. Recently obtained an rsa, yet to be put into practice. We minded our own business tonight.

I'm open to trying new things, doesn't mean I'll like it though! 

Khiel's had crazy lines so we didn't get there till later in the afternoon, lines were due to maybe asians loving it, like Pandora? and maybe deluxe samples. A lot of the things we received on the treasure hunt were giftcards to encourage spending, some had a minimum spend in order to redeem the offer. If you want to see what was in the previous showbags you can see them here: Nov 2012 (pretty good), May 2013, Nov 2013, Nov 2014 (the best one so far).  

Do you go to the biannual shopping festivals?
What gets you in the door? What would you like to see more of?

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