Burger Project @ St. Collins Lane @ Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday 19th May

There's a new shopping center in town? Necessary? No, there's already four of them (Melb Central, QV, Emporium, and Kino). But it's there, and with it comes international brands and one food joint - so far. 

Burger Project, open 11am till 9pm with the 9pm restriction applied due to location. 

We don't normally seek out recently opened places, but this one fit the theme of the night.

Dinner and show, we're off to see the wizard Wicked, in Oz. With an Emerald City.

The Burger Project has been one of the newest burger joints in town, recently opening a couple weeks ago at St Collins Lane (the new shopping center, with about 10 shops open).

Fast Food, Slow Food Values is what they're about, using patties made from 100% Grass fed beef sourced from Cape Grim Tasmania with no added hormones, no antibiotics, just happy healthy cows.

Ice Cream!

With winter around the corner, wet days come often, refreshing. That or I have a fever.

Lines weren't too long at 6pm, early for dinner though most tables were taken (tables designated for the burger place, there's plenty more tables not pictured). We came for takeaway, though couldn't resist stopping to take pictures as they have great overhead lighting. A light directly above each table!

Classic $9 - Grass fed beef, onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce and secret sauce

We had the classic with a secret sauce? Either it was a dab of sauce or there was none. Had to stop at McD to get some. The bun was sweet but not super soft, overall disappointingly average. I prefer YOMG and motorhome. Though our favourite is forever Huxtaburger with Breadtop-like buns. 

Dinner for $20. Most people would sub out the soft serve for a milkshake.

Chips (Regular) $3.50

The chips were about the salt rather than dipping. Being a chicken we picked normal salt :P There's also a chipotle chilli salt and sichuan pepper salt. Also a $1.50 dip with bacon. Not much to say here, they were good but nothing amazing.

Bounty Hunter Ice Cream $6 - Yum! Vanilla ice cream, quite soft serve like. With good quality Valrhona chocolate sauce that froze like ice magic, merged with toasted coconut and sprinkled with meringue bits.

Would we return? Only for dessert. Overall was quite average, not sure what's with the crowds other than it's new. All shiny and new I think is what gets people through the doors. Kinda disappointed really, as I expected it to be amazing.

Have you been to the Burger Project? Thoughts?

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