11pm Dinners @ Father's Office @ Sunday, May 29, 2016

Saturday 16th March

Dinner happened a bit after midnight, when coming from a party it's not normal to be starving, but the one we came from promised the usual but failed to deliver

As we were still in the 20s theme and it was after 11pm Father's Office's was the place to dine. Let's get this party started was playing followed by I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. It's rare that places play music I like.

The new after 11pm menu. *click to enlarge*  

The after 11pm half price menu has changed, damn I regret not buying lots of meals to freeze. It has become smaller, more limited with no more  $13 rib eye and salmon. I love that salmon dish. With none of my favourites on the menu it was the perfect chance to try something new.

Something else new was the change in lighting. No more warm glow (yes!) more white lighting, less atmosphere but better for my photo. :P

Giant field mushroom, stuffed with macadamia and goats cheese $6.

When this arrived I thought it was dessert, being brown and potentially a chocolate cake. I was famished and ordered a three course meal after midnight, I also don't recall what some of the ingredients are. 

It's a mix of macadamia and something else mixed up and laid out on top of a mushroom, sitting on a bed of leaves (basil?) with bits of goats cheese and cherry tomatoes garnishing the plate, and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The dressing complimented the saltiness of the goats' cheese and the textures of smooth beautiful mushroom and the nuts. 

Beef Taco Platter $12

Shredded beef served with salsa, guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos and five soft tortillas. 

There is no way this platter is worth $24 normally! Pulled beef with a mild marinade, twice as much as needed for five tacos. While the jars are cute these were tiny and I really need a bowl of sour cream and salsa. Tiny jars held enough for two tacos, while there was enough beef for ten tacos! We really need to work on proportions. But other than that it was a very warm filling meal, a bit simple and hot (spicy). I'd like to add black beans. 

Peanut Butter Cheesecake $4

Smooth pb baked cheesecake topped with a dark chocolate glaze. 

I love cake, cheesecake too. Done in a NY style it was dense and beautiful though a bit too much for one person after an entree and main. I really enjoyed the richness of it though, and it was served with cream and a strawberry. At $8 normally this is still worth it. 

A three course meal for $22, bargain! Father's Office always does great food, with the best prices after 11pm Wed-Sun. Even better on weekends as there's all night trains. We got home a bit after 2am. 

The menu has changed and we've said goodbye to my beautiful cherry tart and other desserts, and hello pb cheesecake, vegan red velvet cake and caramel/nutella pie, among other newbies. 

Saturday 23rd April

Whole crumbed tas. Camembert w beetroot chutney and crusty bread $7

Cheese on toasted brioche/baguette slides with something special to mix it up. Creamy with vinegary but sweet beetroot. Struggles with a tiny jar.

Fish and Chips $10.50

Seasonal white fish lightly coated in rosemary and ginger batter, 
shallow fried. Served with shoestring fries and tartare sauce.

In hindsight I only wanted a quarter of this dish, but got two huge pieces of fish fried nicely with lots of chips, the freezer kind. Though for $10 I'm not fused. These were pretty good and I'd get them again.

Louisiana Wings - Creole spiced crumb, shallow fried with housemade chipotle mayo $10

Jas ordered the chicken wings which were nice, but we need more sauce preferably not a jar with a tiny opening! The crumb contained dry herbs and spices which weren't hot, with the chipotle giving it a kick.  

Red Velvet Cake $4

Vegan, dairy free and gluten free. A light and fluffy red velvet cake 
filled with fresh vegan cream cheese frosting.

What is it made of? Apple sauce, almond milk and rice/almond flour? This cake wasn't light, it was dense and weird. However the frosting didn't hurt my teeth as it normally does. I'm going to say I don't like it though because I prefer my perfectly fluffy cheese/buttercream cupcakes.  

A three course dinner may not be the best idea at midnight, but it was very good as always. It's our favourite spot after a trip to the theatre on a Saturday night. The kitchen closes at 1am, so depending on what time you get there, you might want to order everything in one shot.

Will we be back? Yes, as always, though less frequent due to the reduced menu. 

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