The Final Week of Semester @ Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday 23rd May

The ending for Castle totally sucked. Over in less than a minute, two two hour build up. The big bad was a guy we met exactly once, and in this season too. His motives? Unknown. It wasn't anything like the red john reveal, but then again the first big bad (Braken) was already killed off, and Caskette got their happy ending, it should have ended before astle's random missing time.

A study day, procrastination extraordinary I struggled to start, the start is always the hardest. Luckily I has a box of brownies to motivate me! Best washed down with a glass of milk. To me brownies are dense cakes, and so I'm not a fan, that is until we discovered there are "three basic types of brownies, depending on their texture: a) fudgy brownies, that are dense, b) cake-like brownies, that resemble the texture of cake, and c) chewy brownies, a cross between fudgy and cakey" - My Little Expat Kitchen. 

Ed Dixon makes them fudgy, grab a plate as they're sure to collapse between your fingers. Being rich chocolaty goodness one is enough (till tomorrow :P).

A couple years ago in my early college days we experimented with the perfect fluffy cupcake recipe, which I almost mastered (just a bit oily). From similar series here's a guide to brownies.


Ras Dashen. Dinner our west, our third and final African restaurant. The only African restaurant out west with atmosphere! There was no dessert, but I bought the brownies with me (one for me, one for the love of my life that loves brownies, and one to share).


A trip to the spa, shopping and theatre (to buy tickets). After finals treats, though we've learnt life shouldn't be on hold for too long. 

Using giftcards I bought a nice red bag for $14! Was $120-ish, down to $80. It's big and fits everything except a big water bottle, and clipboard. It even has a shoulder strap! Though a thin belt like one. I have a matching belt to this bag. :P 

The theatre is $$$ and our budget is $$, so we're waiting for rush ticket offers towards the end of the year. Though for Matilda you can get $55 tickets for restricted view, it's a pole not pillar. $55 cash in person sounds good!  


I am not a morning person, but if there's cake I'll be there! Morning tea at South Melbourne Market in support of the Cancer Council. Australia's Biggest Morning Tea.

The bald guy won a hair straightener, the woman before me a candy basket, and I won tickets for golfing towards Castlemaine. Jas gets them, as he loves his road trips. On the condition he brings me back cheese :P

Would have loved to swamp for a hair straightener though. There were also market vouchers and various services like nails, I'd prefer something I'd use, but I'm delighted to win all the same.

The table centerpiece was a beautiful bouquet, each different with a colourful native theme. For $5 you could take them home. I sat alone so they were mine, though a woman tried to get them from me, she was very unfriendly. No she didn't succeed. There were many communal tables, where I'd assume the person closest got to keep them.

It was a lovely event, for a great cause.

Back to school, but first lets get our make-up done! So a recap so far this week we've had our hair down (trim and basic blow wave), had a facial and now we're going makeup. We also went shopping, bought theatre tickets and went to the opera (later tonight). Despite everything being due we're having a good week.

Presentations were fine. I didn't stumble too much, but did do 1,000 miles an hour. 

Two down only one thing left, due tomorrow. What shall we do tonight? There's a networking event on, though for people in the industry in a capacity that gives them influence in planning events, a guitar recital or... a $30 performance!

It's a new promo from the Arts Center. Kinda like rush tickets, there's only 20 (10 people can buy x2 each). So get in early! I got there at 5.45 and was 5th in line. Hoping to get similar tickets for Swan Lake. Grandpa in his 80s beside me was a singer, a busker who did it for pleasure, and sung in nursing homes, with a repertoire of over 360 songs! Wished I could sing, but no I'm actually musically challenged - I think. Am I? 

My first music teacher excluded me from class, the first of many teachers who would, and I suppose it's kinda ruined it for me, and given me the perception that I'm challenged? That or no one ever taught me, though le beau was quite persistent. My art teacher, the second one also excluded me, though I still love art. The first art teacher was very tall was glasses and flaxen hair, she spoke in a gentle quiet voice and I thought she was an angel. 

Subtitles in the sky...

Tonight's show was an opera, Les pêcheurs de perles (The Pearl Fishers). It was an enjoyable opera, though not one on my list. Jas recommends it while I'm on the fence, as it's not a must see for me, but at $30 count me in!


The last project was handed in today, only twice over the word count, whoops. Fingers crossed I passed. I failed last time, not because I didn't do the work, but because I failed in my performance. 

May have accidentally bought a dress. Remember that when it says RRP it is the business who recommends their own damn price, how much they want to sell it for, not how much it's actually worth (material + labor). A dress was $250, down to $45. I like it but don't love it and have to get it taken up in multiple places, but still I bought it. Whoops. To me it was worth more like $30.

Off to the theatre tonight to see Tennessee Williams's 'The Glass Menagerie' (1944) . If the name sounds familiar it's because he wrote A Streetcar Named Desire (1947). It was very very good and the actress who plays the mother won an award. 


Tonight's performance was Urinetown. It's about what you'd assume from the name. A satire musical referencing to politics and things like that. Not my style.

Our favourite charaters were the cops, sidekick and the narrator, who we've seen before last year in Thoroughly Modern Milly, as the singer.


Mass During Wartime was today's performance, at Monash.

How was your week? How are you spending SWOT VAC? :P 

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