Ras Dashen Ethiopian in Footscray @ Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday 24th May

Ras Dashen. Dinner out west, our third and final African restaurant in this series.

The only African restaurant out west with atmosphere! Warm lighting, a bar, hut deco style with kitsch decor, relevant things and then xmas baskets with things in them hanging on the wall.

While small and very cozy if full, there was actually another group of other patrons which is more than any other African place we've been to in this area. Normally when we're there on a Tuesday night, there's no one around.

What we ordered, I always like the platters, they look so much more fun and vibrant then ordering say just a bowl of rice. And you always get to try a few different things. 

No.10. Soup/Fitfot - Beef and vegies soup served with bread or injera $12

5. Misto, a combo of x and y served as one dish, with x beong no.3 Khey Wot, spicy beef stew cooked in chili sauce and no.4 Alicha Wot, mild beef stew cooked with no chili

Jas picked two beef dishes, which this time was fully cooked. Spiced and filling. The darker one (no.3) had more spices and flavors, a little bit hot but nothing you'd need lots of water to accompany.

The two main dishes (beef and soup) was served with a garden salad, three wedges of lemon and four rolls of x bread. A white one which was sweeter and a darker more sour one. We both liked the first one which was closer to our white bread (think Wonder White).

I order the vegetable soup with beef. A generic soup alas. Till I bit the chili and sculled a pint of water, that was a surprise! Some pistachio ice cream would have been perfect then. 

Service was very good, from the owner himself who was friendly, though he'd forgotten about the drinks we ordered. That or we were meant to pick them from the fridge ourselves.

Out of the three African places this had the best atmosphere (the others had none) and jas said caters for us as there were forks and spoons. :P African food is traditionally eaten with your hands, though the Tudors did that too. There was no pasta so no forks required.

Based on things we ate this is his favorite, I'm not sure as at the first two places I ordered the same dish and so expect the third to be similar had if I'd ordered the platter. But I can say the sizes were bigger and cheap at the first place as oppose to the second. We'll be back for the platters maybe. With the semester almost over we'll be moving back to the city.

Have you experienced African Cuisine? Which dishes would you recommend?

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