Wonderful Winter Desserts @ Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Winter. A season in indulging in food, seeking winter warmers like hearty soups, endless bowls of pho, and desserts! Pie always brings back memories of the cooler to freezing months. Though we were lucky back home to never have weather that required more than a cardigan or trench coat, for after dinner walks.

For us in Melbourne, winter's a time when we're hunting down rich, delicious and warm desserts around the city (though it's never too cold for ice cream!), and so we'd like to share some of our favourite winter desserts with you. Yes I have personally tried all these, and more, the more part didn't make it onto the list, because I wouldn't recommend anything I didn't like/think could be improved.

Father's Office - Peanut Butter Cheesecake $8* 
Smooth peanut butter baked cheesecake topped with a dark chocolate glaze.

I love cake, cheesecake too. Made in a NY style it was rich and beautiful though a bit too much for one person after an entree and main - get this to share after dinner. The serving with all slices from Father's Office is always quite generous (aka American sized servings :P). For all peanut butter addict this is the one for you. 

But I do miss my beloved Cherry Tart, and would have recommended the S'mores Cheesecake if they were still on the menu .

*$4 after 11pm Wed-Sat. No they don't offer take-away.

Father's Office Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Chillbro Paletas - Churro Basket with "Helado" Ice-Cream $6 

If you thought donut cones were cool wait till you try Chillbro's new 'Churro Baskets' made fresh, served with hand churned ice cream. It's a nest made of churros that you can break off and dip into the ice cream! I love it! And while you're there order some hot chocolate too, Mrs Doubtfire's. It's spiced up like no other hot chocolate we've had.

Chill Bro Paletas Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Dex2rose Nitrogen Gelato - Not Your Granny's Apple Pie $8 

Chunky apples churned with luscious vanilla gelato, served in a cone with warm apple chunks, velvety cream and lightly dusted with cinnamon sugar. You won't find this deconstructed apple pie in Nan's kitchen, especially when she doesn't have the secret recipe to our home cooked chunky apple filling.

Dex2rose's best seller, and for a reason. When I think autumn I think of pies, and this one's a winner. Jesse takes an apple pie, adds an extra dose of butter, cinnamon and love, and turns it into a gelato! I liked the way it was served, with a cone and unlike most places there's gelato inside the cone! 

Dex2rose Nitrogen Gelato Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Mason Dixon American Sandwich Bar - A Slice of American Pie $6 

Key Lime Pie - An American Classic, made correctly it doesn't taste like a lemon tart as we are sad to say that's what Father's Office's version tastes like. Garrett makes his own pies, pumpkin which we had last week, and lime this week. And this one was perfect! The textures, smoothness, it was rich but not like a NY cheesecake, as the lime lightened it up.

MD often has key lime pie or/and pumpkin pie. Both an delicious!  Crust, cream and condense milk are among the list of ingredients and things we love. Anything pumpkin too I love, while jas loves his citrus desserts. 

Mason Dixon American Sandwich Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

What's your favourite winter dessert? 
For us it's our national dessert and a campfire treat.

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