Australia's Biggest Morning Tea @ Thursday, June 02, 2016

Thursday 26th May

Morning tea at South Melbourne Market in support of the Cancer Council. Australia's Biggest Morning Tea, a series of events self-hosted at offices, schools, businesses held as a fundraiser. Today's the official day, though are some happening later on.

But first coffee...

Arriving at 10am there weren't that many people around, less than 15. Soon people arrived in groups. Mothers with prams and grandmas catching up over tea was the crowd.

Quiches by Emerald Hill Deli

Samosas, Rice paper rolls & Spring Rolls by Ba Ba Roll Spice & Rice

Sliders & Sandwiches by Proper & Son

Scones, Muffins & Sweet treats by Store 6

Flourless aka Almond Meal Orange Cake - Store 6 

We has tasty flatbread (Gozleme by Köy), those triangle pastries, springrolls and quiches. The deep fried things were spicy! There was a limited supply of sandwiches which we gave a miss (Lola's been very busy working atm) instead going for mini smoked salmon burgers.

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice by Rod’s Fruit & Vegetables

As it is my final week of school I bought a new bag, and also had my hair and face done. We also went to see three shows this week. - But did finish all the work too.

What lovely flowers! I love checking out new flowers/arrangements, as I usually just order the regular, roses with baby's breathe. If I have a trader pass for flowers, my room would be full of them! 

Scones with raisins, cream and jam. Muffins. The orange cake was delicious, and cheese were among the things we had. I went into a food coma before noon. 

This is why I need to bring a +1. I mightn't eat everything, but I do sample it all.

Oh and there was coffee from three places. You had to pick either coffee or ice cream, Fritz so I we the fig and almond. I love anything fig!

There was a performer on his guitar, some of the songs included: his version of time after time and somewhere over the rainbow. Speeches were made, thanks given.

Door prizes and raffles. 8 and 20 prizes respectively. I've yet to win a door prize, but being earlier than most I scored a great cafe table on the veranda by the stairs, which no one invaded. The role of the +1 includes sitting there with the stuff, holding the table while I take pictures. Yes you do get to eat, after. The position is currently open if anyone wants to apply.

Raffle tickets were $2 and I bought just one (only had enough cash for one, damn atm fees!) my lucky number and colour. A lot of the door prizes were won by the people who arrived late... because thir ticket was at the top. More than two people in the same group won. The bald guy won a hair straighter, while I won rounds of golf. Would have loved to swap, regret not asking.

South Melbourne Markets is very easy to get to by tram, from Southern Cross.

The table centerpiece was a beautiful bouquet, each different with a colourful native theme. For $5 you could take them home. I sat alone so they were mine, though a woman tried to grab them from me, she was aggressive and very unfriendly. No she didn't succeed. It seems that I tend to encounter conflict every few days, doesn't it?

It was a lovely event, for a great cause. Thank you to all the sponsors who made it possible, and Sandra, the lady who planned it all.

Did you have a morning tea event at work? What did/would you bring? 

I'd make chocolate crackles, those honey joys or cake pops. Or my cupcakes, with simply deco, something like butterflies with strawberries, cream and violets. Alternatively mini tartlets, key lime.

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