Eastland's Beauty Garden @ Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday 23rd June

Behold the Beauty Garden! 150,000 dried flowers, hang over the space. 
Vibrant and brilliant! I spy baby's breathe and roses.

Eastland to me looks like something from a developer's board, huge, clean and modern. An emphasis on huge. Easy to get to it's just opposite Ringwood Station, with an underground feel, that or we're on a hill.

With the Beauty Garden, an arcade of beauty shops + pressed juices "a space dedicated to health and beauty rituals,", just opening last night there were a series of seminars offered today, as well as valet parking and a VIP lounge. 

Flatlays don't come to me naturally, though we're practicing! 

There's valet parking (Gate 5) and parking's free for now. Step through the doors to visitor's services and the lounge, for a refreshment or two. Hot chocolate with cheese and petit fours. Yum! Perfect while I plan out which shops I'm going to hit, and call to check and hold stock.

Huge halls and ever higher ceilings! 

A seminar on contouring, the first time I've seen it happen in real life. So many steps and products... what is baking?! O.o Jenny's an artist and this was a live art installation, it's amazing what make-up can do.

Before & After. She looks amazing!! How often does one have the effort to do this though? Maybe just for weddings/photo shoots? I'd love to do this every day but don't have the attention span. 

Showbags! Yay! Flatlay v.1

Version 2.0 Inside the tube is a body wash. Packaging adds value.

So it turns out even though I found a show wide enough for my feet, gravity comes in and my toes get all squished! What I need is a wedge or platform, with minimal slopes. This boot was $30 from MRP.

Stocking up for summer, we bought this semi-see through shirt in blue and black. No I don't work at the bank. XD 

What did we buy? I had some giftcards to use so didn't spend anywhere near as much as you'd think I did (which is also my approach to life). Merino from Glassons (30% off code, comes to $30 aka the original price), ties ($3, -$50 giftcard), a top and boots from MRP (the boots are surprisingly my size, as my feet are flat and wide) and a perfume I've been tracking for a while! 

Fig EDT 50ml, $40 from TBS, was $50 since Christmas. Comes with a handbag sized spray and body lotion. Italian Summer Fig Dome. The perfume on its own is $37. 

It mightn't last all day, but it does smell oh so lovely! 

Nice and warm inside, the space was very big with high ceilings and all, though it wasn't busy. Is it usually like this? As we're from the city and so everything's there, we don't leave the city much. 

Outside it was raining, so wet and refreshing! I love the rain. The whole house smokes and so fresh air isn't easy to come by unless you go to the park. 

Have you been to Eastland?

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