Shopping for Swans @ Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday 20th June

Laundry, walk the dog (patting included, he's so cute!! even if he's potentially taller than me on his hind legs) and lunch while watching Revenge. Victoria Grayson vs Jessica Pearson (Suits) who will win? 

Lucy wanted a little hug, so we went to an event, bought a barrel of coconut water, and an imaginary guy (Emily's latest beau) asked me to marry him (I said maybe) at work. 

This workplace in particular I'm concerned I'll get comfortable with, as it'll fund my life (we'd hope) which might kill my ambition. Leading or rather not leading me to ever getting a paid job in events. Sure I've received job offers, but not for paid jobs.

It was all a dream. We have the most intense ones, and often wake up angry. In our family you don't have to be awake to be in a fight. 

My Plus One App - here's an ideal for an app. Location based, seeking a +1 for a party, trip to the bar/theatre. Pick a gender you're seeking. Not friends or dates, just meeting new people.

Monday night was a strange but pleasing change this week, with a birthday-esque party instead of dance. As I don't drink/have many friends its been years since I've been invited to a party.

Tonight we're celebrating Time Out Magazine's 50th Issue! This calls for espresso martinis and canapés at Loop Roof, near Parliament. A rooftop garden bar with great wings! The pulled beef and sliders and pretty awesome too. 

In the list of 50 things to do before you die, no.9 is to see a football game. Le beau joked how funny it would be for me to go. As an usher I tell people to shush, stay in your seat, control your children and no flash photography. From what I've seen football is much like baseball in that the crowd yells, cheers and drinks. It's all a bit loud and too much for me.


Opportunity costs. In doing one thing its costing you another. 1pm city uptown, 3pm st kilda and dinner out. Alas I had work, and so picked work over Aqua S's first 100 free soft serve, and free sliders at Cold Rock. Bloggers were invited to a preview of the later a few weeks ago, but we weren't one of them. Blogging can be like high school (from what I've read/heard, though never actually experienced) and I hate it. 

The other girls/boys at work are nice, and there are cute guys. :P Came across santa hats... I don't want to wear them during Christmas/July. I'll be bring my own headpieces. Creating them is a passion of mine, and I aspire to have a hat room one day. 


Eastland. Tea, workshops and shopping!


Is it Saturday? Lately Thu/Fridays have been our weekends, and so it does get a bit confusing. This week we're working the afternoon/evening shift, there are three: morning, day and evening. The later means I can't go dancing, while the middle means I'm too tired to go. Work hurts my feet and shoulders.

Today was spent in bed avoiding the pain, shoulders mainly. The weight of the world upon them. Muscle strain said the dr. 

That's not the right picture...

The evening was spent at the theatre, enjoyable, ok and good. Nothing I'd recommend though. The middle show was disappointing, too much spent on marketing and not much else there, there wasn't much substance though there was poly/satin and rhinestone touched dresses with bustles. Lately solo show have been meh or ok, it's the comedy ones that are worth while.  

The train doesn't come that often and so we wait inside at HJ the fries have changed from fries (the thin McD ones) to KFC, HJ now sits in the middle. Fluffy and crispy, not like KFC. 

Looking nothing like this, need to work on presentation.

Midnight snack, winter offers at the Pancake Parlour, pay what the temperature is. $5.70 for a cheesecake crepe is perfect! I can't imagine paying $15-17 for this! We love this place but it's overpriced unless there's a special offer.  


The other week we saw apart of 'Swan Lake' the act where the Black Swan, Odile seduces the prince leading to the death of his "true love" the White Swan. Innocence and purity vs seduction. Well the second does sound more appealing. :P

Tonight we saw 'Black Swan', not something to be seen at night before bed. Perceptions of reality, the stress of the job is getting to her and it seems Nina has schizophrenia. Beth seems to be a reflection of herself as Older Nina, where she has been replaced. Is the Black Swan real? I'd say yes. But there's two, there's the actual other girl, who is likely to be after her part (girl world) and then there's the schizo Black Swan, which is within Nina, breaking free of her mother's control and her innocence.

Will Cora be a good mother? Still nope. Regrets? None. We miss her without her magic, though you don't need magic to meddle! Cramped up in a small apartment in NY is very different from the castle/country manor in the Enchanted Forest.

Cinematography matched Nina's state of mine with a dash of paranoia. That or the version I saw was recorded with a camcord and we were left feeling a bit unbalanced and strange. The camera didn't sit still like other movies, instead it follows her around.

How was your week?

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